4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Split System and Ducted Air Conditionin

Wondering whether a split system or a ducted air conditioning system is better for your home? Just because both systems present a wealth of benefits does not mean you can pick just any of them for your home. Depending on your needs, you will find that one is more suitable to you than the other.

In this article, we will look at the differences between split air conditioning systems and ducted systems so you can decide which of them suits you better. Remember, choosing an air conditioning system for your home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make as a homeowner. Unless you want to regret your purchase down the road, make sure that you carefully consider the following factors before you make a choice:

System cost

When shopping for an air conditioner for your home, it is important to consider how much they cost. Obviously, the complexity of a ducted air conditioner makes it more expensive than a split system. But while ducted air conditioners generally cost more upfront, they are more cost-efficient than split systems when used. In fact, new ducted air conditioners now have the ability to zone up a house in a way that consumes power more efficiently. Unlike a split system that requires you to install multiple units to cool every corner of your home, a ducted air conditioning system lets you install an entire air conditioning system at once and still be able to control the temp of each room from a central control unit, so no energy is wasted.


While both ducted systems and split systems are effective air conditioning systems, the one that is more suitable for you is the one that is just right for the size of your home. For instance, split type systems are generally more effective for rooms that are small and single. However, you may need several split systems working together if you are trying to cool an entire home. On the other hand, one ducted air conditioning system is enough to cover big areas and regulate the temperature throughout an entire space. If you live in a small house with an open floor plan, a split system will probably do. But if you live in a big house with several rooms and areas to cool, it may not be enough to cool your entire home as fast as you want. In this case, a ducted air conditioning makes a better choice.


Making a choice between a split system and a ducted system also depends on your home, primarily because these two systems are installed differently. If your house does not have enough space in the roof to accommodate a ducted air conditioning system, then a ducted aircon may not be suitable for you. This also rings true for a split system, which requires enough wall space to be installed. It is important to consider that both a ducted aircon system and a split system feature both an indoor and an outdoor unit connected by pipes. If you live in a spacious home with enough roof space, a ducted air conditioning system makes a great choice for a cooling system. If you live in a 20storey home, you may install two units of this system—one on the first floor and one on the second floor—to make your unit does not struggle cooling both floors at once.

Running costs

How much you need to spend to operate both air conditioners will depend on your usage and the size of your home. While split systems are generally cheaper to run than ducted systems, their performance can only cover a small space in your home. That means if you want all areas of your home cooled during the summer, you may need to run multiple split systems. If cutting your aircon usage is not among your options to save money, then it is best to use a ducted air conditioner. The operating costs of this air conditioning system are higher than those of a split system, but you get greater savings overall if you use one of these over multiple units of a split aircon. This type of air conditioning system is also less prone to breakdowns compared to split systems, which often require high servicing and upkeep costs.

So you see, just because a ducted air con system has a higher upfront cost does not mean it is no better than a split system. If you live in a big house with enough roof space, this system proves to be a more viable option.