Seven Simple Tips to Maintain Your Bike

Be it, fitness freaks or bike lovers, several people will agree that a bike is one of the most efficient and convenient means of transport. Not just that, it is also an excellent hobby that could keep you active and in shape. 

When biking does so much for you, there are a few things that you need to do for your bike as well. Taking care of your bike is very simple. Just a few basic steps and your bike will stay as good as new.

Here are the seven tips that will help you maintain your bike, so you can continue to ride it for a long time:

1. Clean it Regularly

The number one rule is to clean the bike regularly, to maintain it in good condition. Just the way staying clean is important for your health, it is also essential for your bike. And no, cleaning your bike doesn’t have to be with any fancy cleaning kits or equipment. All you need is some soapy water and a sponge to scrub, followed by a thorough rinse. And voila! Your bike is now squeaky clean.

It is not only important to clean your bike properly, but regularly as well. Leaving it dirty for months, and then washing it once will not bring the results that you expect. Furthermore, if you clean it more frequently, you wouldn’t have to put in a lot of effort, since the bike wouldn’t be as dirty.

2. Invest in Good Quality Accessories

A good bike, by itself, can function pretty well. But with the right kind of accessories, you’ll observe an improvement in your biking experience. This is the experience that all the biking enthusiasts crave. But that’s not all biking accessories are for.

While some accessories will allow you to have better riding experience, others are meant for the protection and longevity of your bike. These accessories are essential in maintaining your bike. Investing in bike accessories is one of the investments that pay off in the long run, by saving you, money for repairs and replacements.

3. Check the Positioning of Your Saddle

It is common for bikers to experience discomfort while riding for many hours. But for some, this may be a problem even during the shorter rides. If that is the case with you, there are chances you might have a sore bum syndrome. 

In this case, the positioning of your saddle is of great importance. You must adjust the position of your saddle so that it allows you optimal comfort. Even slight variations in the position can have a great impact on your overall riding experience.

4. Annual Maintainance is Necessary

While you take all the care of your bike that you can, professional service is always necessary. Bike owners may not need the feel to get their bikes professionally cleaned if they maintain their bikes well. But your bike can always use professional annual maintenance because the professional company knows all the ins and outs of how to maintain the bike. A survey reports that only 30% of those who invest in a bike, bring it back for servicing. 

Lack of professional attention could be the reason the performance of your vehicle declines over time. There are always things that you do not notice due to insufficient knowledge. Which is why you must take your bike for professional servicing at least once a year.

5. Keep an Eye Out on Brake Pads and Tyres

Your tires and brake pads are two of the most important parts of the bike as a whole. These important parts require special attention. Before you get on your bike for a ride, and after you get off of it, you must give these two parts a look, even if only superficially. 

While riding a bike, the tires and brake pads are at the greatest risk of being damaged. To ensure that you catch this damage in the early stages and to prevent it from being too extensive, you need to keep looking out for these two parts. Get a professional tuning done to get the brakes to tighten up to ensure that they are working perfectly. Getting a professional tune-up of brake pads and tires avoid the safety hazard. This will not only help you to maintain your bike but also will allow you to ride safely.

6. Remember to Lubricate

Lubrication is a very basic part of maintaining the bike, which is very easily forgotten by the bike owners. And they are reminded of it only when sufficient damage is done. Lubrication is the process of adding a lubricant between moving parts. This lubricant reduces the friction, to prevent wear and tear of the involved parts.

Without enough lubrication, your bike will start wearing out, before time. You will notice a deteriorating performance, that will eventually require several fixes. To avoid all of that, and keep your bike running, never forget to lubricate your bike. To remember to lubricate your bike you can put a monthly task on your calendar and make sure to put bike oil or any specific lubricant in your bike. 

7. Never Ignore Squeaking Parts

If you have been using your bike for a considerable amount of time, there are chances that you’ve heard a squeak from at least one of the parts. These squeaks are very common and do not sound like anything dangerous. Which is why it is also easily ignored by the bike owners. Hence, ignoring the squeaky noise will eventually cost you a lot, if you do not look into the matter promptly.

On one hand, squeaking parts may be of no significance and harmless just as we expect them to be. On the other hand, they could also be due to the damage or rusting of the parts. Ignorance in such cases may prove to be harmful to not just the bike, but you as well. Which is why you should pay attention to and look into any squeaks that you hear.


Bikes are one of the simplest vehicles out there. They are convenient, economical, healthy and not to forget environment-friendly. Given the number of advantages that bikes provide for their users, they have become the main mode of transportation for several individuals.

To keep using your bike, and enjoying smooth rides, you must take good care of your bike. Give it your due attention, keep it clean and look after the parts that need extra care. With all these basic steps, your bike will be able to stay as good as new, and you will be able to enjoy the best of it.