10 Tools Every Novice Knitter Needs


It doesn’t have to be the start of a new year to pick up a new hobby. You can set a goal to learn something new anytime, anywhere. Knitting is one of the most popular pastimes of the day. 65 percent of knitters say they knit because it offers them a “creative outlet.” Are you looking for something new to try? Is the hipster knitting in the corner at Starbucks on to something? You bet they are; knitting allows them to stretch their fingers and make something beautiful and warm with just yarn and a pair of knitting needles.

If you’re going to take on knitting, you need to get it done right. Here are 10 knitting tools every knitter should have in their knitting arsenal. When you head to your nearest craft store for knitting supplies, make sure you have this list in hand!

Set of Straight Knitting Needles

The classic, no-fuss set of knitting needles, straight knitting needles come in a variety of materials, including wood, bamboo, metal, plastic and casein. The straight knitting needle has a long shaft that tapers to a sharp point.  The shaft holds the loops of the knitted fabric, and the tapered point is used to help make the loops. Straight knitting needles also come in different sizes. The straight knitting needle is best for making hats, mittens and socks.

Set of Circular Knitting Needles

The circular knitting needle is a set of two needles connected by a wire. Used for knitting in the round, circular knitting needles help the knitter to knit a project in a seamless, circular form. The circular knitting needle is best for making sweaters and vests. Circular knitting needles are available in different sizes and materials.

Crochet Hook

This may come as a surprise, but knitters use crochet hooks, too. A crochet hook is a tool used in crochet (and knitting!) to make interconnected loops. The crochet hook is a long cylindrical tool that bends into a hook at the top. Crochet hooks make it easier to pick up dropped stitches. Like straight and circular knitting needles, crochet hooks come in different sizes and materials.

Tapestry Needle

Tapestry needles have dull, bent needle tips that help knitters to finish a project by using the needle to weave the seams together.

Needle Gauge

The needle gauge is a handy tool that helps you to measure the size of your knitting needles. Shaped like a ruler, the needle gauge can be slipped over a needle to tell the user what size they are using or need to use for their knitting project.

Point Protectors

If you haven’t finished your knitting project but are ready to put the needles down for the night, you can slip point protectors onto the ends of the needles so that they don’t slip out and you lose your place.

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are used to mark the number of stitches in a row so that the knitter knows how many stitches they have done or how many more they need to make. Stitch markers come in a variety of styles, including ring, split ring, and locking.

Measuring Tape

Need to know the diameter of your toddler’s head to make them a beanie? Measuring tape will help you get the right measurements and alter other knitting designs that might be a little snug or baggy.

Sewing Scissors

Sewing scissors cut through the yarn with ease and leave no trace strands of yarn behind.

Knitting Tote Bag

You’re going to need to organize your knitting supplies. A tote bag will keep everything together and in one place. With a tote bag, you can take your latest creation on the go and work on it from anywhere, anytime.

If you’re going to invest all of your time into a new hobby, you should invest in the tools too!