Yogi, Ken Inoue, on Why Morning Yoga is a Must to Maximize Your Potential

Have trouble getting out of bed? Need a shower to kick start the day? Unable to function without a cup of coffee? Maybe it’s time to consider a new morning routine, one that starts the day off with yoga. Yogis themselves, such as Ken Inoue, likely cannot fathom any other way of starting the day. However, even yoga novices can quickly experience why yoga is key to getting out of bed and starting the day off feeling energized.

Keep reading to see why yoga instructor, Ken Inoue, believes yoga is the only way to start the day.

Mental cleanse 

Waking up usually comes hand in hand with mental cobwebs to cleanout. Whether this mental cloudiness comes from distorted dreams or disrupted sleep, yoga can help hit reset on cognitive functioning for the day ahead. 

Slowing down the breath and implementing meditation at the beginning and the end of a yoga class provides the mind with mental respite and a break from thinking, worrying, problem-solving, stress, anxiety, and a whole list of cognitive functions that clog up the brain. After even a short yoga class, the mind can feel much clearer and ready to start the day. Hatha yoga or Kundalini particularly focuses on the breath and slowing down the mind. 

Relief for muscle discomfort 

Whether stiff and sore muscles occur from sleeping in an awkward position, a heavy fitness workout the day before, or chronic stress and strain due to poor posture at a workstation, yoga can help improve this. Look for yoga classes such as Iyengar yoga, which holds poses longer to get a deeper stretch.

Protection from injuries 

Yoga is not only for mindfulness and stretching; it is also a fantastic way to build strength. Numerous injuries can be prevented from improving muscular strength. For example, the spine can be well protected by building core strength in the abdominals. This helps prevent neck and back pain from poor posturing as the abdominal muscles help hold the spine in proper alignment.

In addition, older adults can significantly benefit from building strength and balance through yoga to prevent falls. Falls that lead to hip fractures in older adults can have extreme consequences from extended hospital stays and possible complications. Hatha yoga and Ashtanga yoga are examples of yoga styles that can help build and maintain muscle strength.


Deep breathing, balancing sequences, and twisting poses can all help energize for the day. By increasing blood flow and oxygen deliverance throughout the body, an enhanced sense of energy is created and leaves a person feeling better equipped to deal with the stresses of the day ahead. However, yoga can also make for a good workout and sweat. Following a yoga class up with a large glass of water helps to hydrate the body and feel further alive for the rest of the day.

Whether a yoga beginner or a seasoned active yogi, consider doing yoga first thing in the morning to start the day off right, both body and mind. People must listen to their own bodies and go at their own pace. Everyone is on their own yoga journey and need to do what’s right for themselves to enjoy the incredible benefits of yoga.

About Ken Inoue

Ken Inoue is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer based in Torrance, CA, and the greater LA area. As a life-long surfer, he learned how to embrace the laid back So-Cal vibes in tandem with a vigorous yet rewarding exercise routine from a young age.  A firm believer in finding multiple paths to fitness, Mr. Inoue tailors exercise plans to the individual to create accessible, motivating, and efficient sessions with balanced results. In light of 2020, this has proved especially important in curating digital fitness regimens that clients can sink their teeth into at home with little to no equipment. In his spare time, Ken Inoue enjoys exploring new restaurants focused on a well-balanced diet via Los Angeles takeout, practicing a mindful yoga flow, catching a wave along the Southern California coast, and socializing with friends and family in Torrance, health protocols permitting, of course.