Why do We Like Bingo and Why is it a Good Thing?

Bingo is one of those games that you probably love but may not even have tried. It has a long history that started with bingo halls in town centres, holiday camps and afternoon entertainment in the nursing home. Many of us have memories of heading out for the evening with our grandparents to play bingo, and it was the best treat of the week. The game can be played for fun or for prizes and is perfect for all age groups. As technology advanced casinos and other games like bingo were also able to move online. Initially, the graphics were slightly clunky, but over the last few years, they have become slick and offer a high level of satisfaction to bingo lovers everywhere. So just why do we like bingo and why is it a good thing?

1. Escape the Grind

Life can be stressful, whether you are working, raising kids, keeping a house or indeed all three, a working week can be long and tiring. The global pandemic has added to this stress, and many of us are feeling isolated and trying to juggle everything just got much harder. It is therefore essential that we allow ourselves a break and a chance to escape. Bingo is right up there with the likes of binge-watching on Netflix and having a kitchen disco. It is a great low energy way to unwind and focus on something else for a while. You could have a bingo evening with some friends using the same gaming site, and put on your best jammies, grab a blanket and something nice to drink and see who has the luck of the bingo with them! Matching numbers as they are called is actually quite therapeutic and if you are looking for a little excitement waiting for just one more number is heart-racing fun!

2. A Sense of Nostalgia

When we first went into lockdown, many studies were carried out to see how it affected people and their mental health. One thing that they discovered was people became very nostalgic, and one way they found of coping was to try and recreate things from their childhood or even their parent’s childhood that offered some comfort. Good old-fashioned fun and games were some of the most popular recreations and that, understandably, included bingo. For many people it was the one evening a week they got to feel like a grown-up. Clutching their nanna by the hand, walking into the bingo hall and being given custody of the dabber to mark off the numbers as they were called. You might even get a fizzy drink and a packet of crisps if you behaved well! These simple memories are a great way to help ourselves cope with this unusual time of life when no one has a reference point or way to manage as it is a situation we have never lived through before. 

3. A Feeling of Community 

Going to the bingo hall regularly meant you got to know other players, people would say hello as you walked in and chat about the weather, mother’s gout and other typically British topics would ensue. This sense of community is another essential part of being human, and interaction with other people is something we rely on. Another negative aspect of lockdown has been a sense of isolation. It can be very lonely if you are living on your own, and even people in shared houses can find themselves craving social interaction. Online bingo sites usually offer a lively chat community, and this can really make you feel included and part of an all-important shared interest family. Remember that while most people online are there just to enjoy the fun, some are not, so learn how to keep yourself safe in that situation. Key tips include not giving out loads of personal information or revealing where you live, and if it makes you feel better choosing a good screen name that gives anonymity means you can enjoy the banter while staying totally safe. 

4. Simply the Best

Fundamentally, although we are slightly biased, we think that bingo is just the best game ever. If you are paying to play, be sure to set yourself sensible spend limits and don’t go above them, but there are plenty of low-cost options out there. Decide whether you are going to withdraw any winnings or use them to play on and stick to your decision. If you accept that it is just a game and take it in the spirit of fun, then you are sure to have a really good time playing bingo. Having fun has a significant effect on the chemicals in the brain and helps to lower the stress level. In turn, this means we release more happy hormones into the bloodstream and generally feel better about the day. There are also plenty of play for fun sites so if you don’t want to spend any money and just want to enjoy the game of bingo there are lots of opportunities here. These non-gambling sites also make a great place for kids to play, and there is an element of number matching involved so it could even be claimed as an educational activity, and generally, kids love bingo. You could even have a mini tournament with the winner bagging a packet of sweets or a pass from the chores that week!