What’s the best flooring for our living room?


Next to the kitchen, our living room is the second main hub of our home. We move from having our delicious meals in the kitchen to relaxing with a glass of wine in front of the fire in the living room. With flooring often being the main feature of a room, it’s important to do our research as to which flooring is most appropriate for its use. Whether you’re from a busy family household or there’s just you, there’s always something for everyone.

As a first rule, we would recommend staying away from carpet. This is mainly due to the fact that it stains very easily (as you might already be well aware) which is no good when you want to enjoy the odd glass of red wine! As well as this, carpet can discolour and look trodden I pretty quickly, and since your living room is a heavily used room and therefore experiences a lot of foot traffic, this isn’t ideal! 

Now that leaves us with a few more practical options: wood flooring and laminate. Although they are much more manageable than carpet, it’s important to explore their advantages and disadvantages. 

If you’re looking for something totally luxurious and have a fair few pennies to spend, then wood flooring is faultless. Glamorous, practical and highly sought after, wood flooring will instantly life your living room and make it a stylish and relaxing haven. If you’re wanting under-floor heating, make sure to go for engineered wood however. It is also very practical, but not quite practical enough for a room like the kitchen or bathroom, so it’s the perfect opportunity to have it!

Laminate is another worthy mention, and even better if you’re on a tighter budget. Not only is it highly practical (even more so than wood) but also replicates natural products beautifully, that it’s almost impossible to tell them apart! You can match it to your interior theme as well, with there being so many styles to choose from.