What You Should Know About Auto Service Contracts

What You Should Know About Auto Service Contracts - get them. Seriously.
Photo by CC user stux on Pixabay

Many new car owners prefer to put all of their car repair eggs in a single warranty basket. To some degree this makes sense give that new car warranties cover many expenses that owners might expect to pay in the first few years. However there are some benefits available with auto service contracts that are often not included under new car warranties. So, even if you have a new car, there are some great reasons to consider an auto service contract – to make sure you are going with a reputable company, check out Omega Auto care reviews.

Here are some great reasons to consider that auto service contract!

Roadside Assistance

Getting stranded by the side of the road is never a fun experience, and it can be costly to get towed or roadside assistance. However, some auto service contracts include coverage for things like flat tires, towing, fluid replacements, and more. They can also provide help with lockout services and provide replacement keys if you get stuck!

Rental Car Reimbursement

While warranties will cover repairs to your vehicle, you can still find yourself out of pocket if you need to rent a vehicle while yours is in the shop. Some auto service contracts will reimburse you for these costs up to a daily limit. Some plans make this even easier by arranging for direct payment to the rental company so you are not out of pocket.

Accommodation Reimbursement

If you break down and find yourself far from home with no way to get back, or end up having to wait a few days while the local auto shop orders in a part, you can end up out of pocket for hotel and other expenses. Some auto service contracts will reimburse you for these costs, up to a daily maximum.

Car Repairs are Expensive

You may not have had to face this while your car is under warranty, but you know it is coming – cars are very expensive to repair. Back in the day, you could do many basic repairs or “tune ups” yourself if you had a bit of knowledge, but those days are long gone. With the computerization of cars, even the simplest repair can be beyond the abilities of most people. Having a service contract in place takes the sting out of car repairs.

You Will Need to Make Repairs

Cars are made to last longer it seems, and their health can be extended with religious maintenance according to the manufacturer’s schedule, but the day will come when you will do some major upkeep or replacement under the hood. When that is on the horizon you have three choices – sell the car, watch the car die a slow death, or make the necessary repairs and get years more use out of it. A good service contract can be the difference between getting those extra years out of your investment and being forced to sell the car because you can’t afford a major repair bill.