What You Can Find Out When You Background Check People

If you are running a business then one area that you should pay particularly close attention to is recruitment. Not only is getting recruitment right the absolute key to ensuring that your business has the best possible staff, it is also vital when it comes to assembling the right team which can lead your company to great things. A key part of the recruitment process which so many business owners fail to do is check people before they hire them, and ensure that a thorough review is carried out on the recruit. Many companies offer this service and here is what they will check for when they background check someone.


The policy which your company has in terms of hiring convicts is completely up to you but surely even if you do, you will want to know about their history. A background check involves carrying out a criminal check on the recruit and it will check for any county, state or federal prosecutions. If the person has lied about this on their application form then whether they were a scam artist or a murderer, the check will find out.

Driving History

If you need drivers then you will of course want to ensure that they have a clean record and that you can trust them behind the wheel of a company vehicle. During the background check the person’s entire driving history will be reviewed and based on that you can make your decision.

Credit Check

You may not think that a credit check is very relevant here but it can in fact tell you a great deal about the person that you may be hiring. Indeed even the Better Business Bureau (BBB) talks about the importance of this check for financial institutions especially. If someone is not able to manage their own money then this doesn’t exactly instill confidence into future employers that they will be able to manage business money.

Education Check

A great many people believe that lying on their resume about their educational experience will be able to give them a better chance of getting a job, in reality however this is not the case at all. If someone has lied on their resume then of course it is not the worst thing in the world, but it will show your applicant to be a liar, and that is something which many business owners will simply not accept, especially not from the get-go.

Job History

Similar to the education check not everyone has worked for the people that they say that they have and if the background check will ensure that these people are telling the truth. Job experience plays a key role in hiring someone so it will be necessary to check that what they are saying is the truth.

These are the very basics that a background check should include, if you have paid a company to do so and they do not give you these results, go ahead and ask for refund!