What Does a Lawyer Do in a Drunk Driving Accident Claim Case?



The role played by a lawyer in a drunk driving accident lawsuit is inimitable. Heading to a court hearing session without a qualified lawyer is almost equal to accepting the claims. Lawyers understand the nitty-gritty of the legal procedure. They have legal comprehension and can beat the DUI charges with much ease. When you’re called to prove your innocence in a drunk driving accident claim, here is you’re your DUI lawyer will do.

Probes Your Arrest

For starters, the DUI attorney will scrutinize arrest reports. This will enable them to know if the officer abided by the laws. Remember, this is where the case started. The attorney has to determine if the officer pulled your car properly. They have to confirm if the office followed laid-down procedures. If not, the legal team at Stewart J. Guss, Injury Accident Lawyers, can champion for case dismissal.

Examines Chemical Tests

Secondly, the lawyer checks the blood or breath tests taken before you were arrested. They must prove the accuracy and condition of the breathalyzer by the time of the arrest. They must as well check if proper procedures were followed at the lab. Blood alcohol content increases with time. If the breath test was taken hours after your arrest, it might lack the accuracy needed to be presented as trial evidence. In these scenarios, your lawyer will champion the discharge of the case.

Confirm if Truly You were Driving While Drunk

Officers tend to arrest any drunkard person they find in a car. There are cases when drunk drivers are arrested when relaxed in the back seat. Your attorney will dig deep to find out if you were arrested as a driver or passenger. If you were arrested as a drunk passenger, the case is different from a DUI lawsuit. Your lawyer can work towards getting the lawsuit dismissed in such cases.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

The most complex work in a DUI lawsuit involves proving your innocence and negotiating for a fair judgment. The prosecution always pushes accused parties to plead guilty to the accusations. Under such pressure, it’s easy to bow to pressure and plead guilty. Your DUI attorney can save you from such stress and tough situations. The lawyer can easily identify flaws in the prosecution’s lawsuit against you. They can challenge the prosecution and highlight weaknesses that make the case unworthy. If the lawyer doesn’t get the case dismissed, they will get you a lower penalty.

The majority of DUI charges end up with convictions. It’s simply not easy to beat a DUI charge by yourself. Most dismissed DUI lawsuits are those where the accused parties hire a lawyer immediately after arrest. So many things can go south if you don’t get a lawyer to assist you with handling your DUI case. Remember, in a DUI case, you’re dealing with the prosecution and law enforcement offices, making it hard to beat the lawsuits yourself. These are the most important roles a lawyer plays in a DUI lawsuit to enable you to get a fair ruling.