Watching Movies Just Gets Easier with Time (and with DNS Proxy!)

In the early days of movies, moviegoers had to wait for months to see their favorite films. The anticipation that built up during the weeks of advertisement, coupled with the time spent waiting in line to buy the tickets, was all worthwhile once they were seated in the theater, watching the opening scene. And, until the advent of home VCR machines, once a movie left the big screen, the average person lost access to it for good.

Yes, Progress is a Good Thing

The progress of the technology used to share movies with audiences all over the world continues to astound. What was once only available to be seen on movie theater big screens has cut a path through time in various forms. First the VCR, then the DVD, followed by Blu-ray and digital—and now, streaming on the Internet.

All of these technology advancements have opened the doors for movie buffs and TV show enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite pastime through a much simpler process. Accessing the shows you love can now be done wherever you are, across the globe. Thanks to companies that stream via the Internet (like Netflix or Hulu), you aren’t limited by time, place or space.

But How is that Possible?

Imagine that Sally from San Diego is on a vacation in Spain, and one day, while the rain is keeping her from exploring the countryside, she’s stuck in her hotel looking for her favorite movie. Unfortunately, when she tries to access her Hulu account, security measures for the hotel’s Internet prohibit her. She’s left with nothing but frustrations—and still no movie.

That’s where DNS Proxy comes along and works like a very secure key in a complicated lock. Now, you can access the movies and shows you are accustomed to watching in the comfort of your own home, wherever and whenever you want. So if Sally from San Diego uses her DNS Proxy capabilities, her rainy day in Spain won’t be a total loss.

DNS Proxy Works in Many Arenas of Network Service

One of the great things about DNS Proxy is its versatility. Not only can it open the door to movies and TV shows, it also makes possible playing the best viral videos and listening to your favorite music. Really, anything streamed over the Internet can be accessed, safely and securely, without any worries about hackers or interrupted service.

DNS Proxy will also work on virtually any device—PC, Mac, Xbox, iProducts, Androids, and more. This opens the door to the world of virtual entertainment even further. With DNS Proxy capabilities, the sky is truly the limit.