Unexpected Car Repair: How To Deal With This

Most people will agree that cars offer an unparalleled level of convenience. Still, they require proper service and maintenance, which do not always come cheap. 

Nonetheless, even with proper care, cars will break down from time to time. At times, this will happen at the worst of times: when your pockets are empty. 

How do you deal with unexpected car repairs? Here are some tips. 

1. Get Credit

At times, the best option to ensure you get moving again is to apply for a facility from lenders that extend quick loans to borrowers. 

These lenders tend to allow online applications and do not require collateral. Unlike most lenders that will do a credit check before extending a facility, these online lenders skip this step as well.  It’s no wonder ‘’search for payday loans near me with no credit check’’ has become a popularly searched phrase in search engines. 

All you need to do is submit the required documents. The lender will process the application and contact you once it’s approved. This is usually within the same day. 

2. Attempt a D-I-Y

If the damage or car problem is minimal and you are good with your hands, you can attempt a DIY

If you had purchased a new car, its manual should help you troubleshoot some problems. The internet today has become a go-to for most problems. There are numerous articles, tutorials, and videos to help you make countless repairs on your vehicle

However, ensure you know how to execute them. Without some know-how, you risk worsening the damage. 

3. Talk to Your Mechanic

If you use the same mechanic and are a loyal customer, they might save the day. 

Ask if the garage you go to has deals, coupons, or offers. If you can collect some of these, it might be possible to make up the balance out of pocket. 

The other way is to ask your mechanic to fix the car for you and then create a payment plan for when you get your salary. 

4. Apply For an Advance

Many employers extend salary advance facilities to their staff members. 

If you are in formal employment, it might help to talk to HR and inquire about such an arrangement. 

Essentially, they will give you some forms to fill and tell you what percentage of your salary you can take in advance. You can use the cash to fix your car. The advanced money will then be deducted from your next paycheck. 

Last Word

Emergencies will happen from time to time. Consider being proactive about them by having an emergency kitty to cushion you against such eventualities. 

When it comes to an emergency kitty, the rule of thumb is to save at least three months of your living expenses. This is often enough to cater to most occurrences.