The Best Beach Destination in Mexico – Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is considered by many to be the best beach destination in Mexico ... photo by CC user grandvelasrivieramaya on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

With some of the finest sands in the entire country, the Riviera Maya is considered by many to be the best beach destination in Mexico. Why is this slice of heaven along the Mexican Caribbean so popular? Let us count the reasons…

Amazing accommodations that will make you feel like a millionaire

While there are plenty of hotels in the resort cities and towns in Quintana Roo, those seeking a bit more privacy and a home-like atmosphere will love the numerous private luxury vacation rentals on the Riviera Maya.

From cute casas to elaborate villas, you’ll have an environment where you can truly relax, and with most boasting frontage on the Caribbean Sea, you’ll have a mind easing view at your behest any time you need it.

Easy to reach from most places in the world

Think that only Americans have easy access to the Mayan Riviera? With an increase in popularity, an increase in direct routes has followed suit, as there are routes from places like London, Paris and Buenos Aires these days.

Those that don’t can connect through hubs like Miami, Toronto and Mexico City, leaving this paradise easily reachable by no more than one connecting flight for the majority of vacationers from around the world.

All the conveniences you want amidst a culturally rich part of Mexico

While some people that haven’t been to Mexico may fear that this developing country may lack the amenities that they have long taken for granted, rest assured that the major tourist centers of the Mayan Riviera have gained all the services that tourists from the developed world expect and demand.

Shopping malls with all the latest brands, restaurants that span virtually every major world cuisine, and other services that one would expect in a civilized part of the globe are all here … all you need to do is to ask the front desk/your concierge where to get something, and you will be able to have it.

You won’t be far from activities that make this part of Mexico culturally unique though, as ruin complexes, live performances central to the Mayan’s traditions, and authentic Mexican restaurants with varying cuisines from different parts of the country are as readily available as all the other international restaurants that can be found in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.

Some of the finest beaches on the planet line the coast for countless miles

While the cultural attractions of the Mayan Riviera are significant, the beaches are the asset that has drawn travelers here from all over the world. Along the Yucatan Peninsula’s frontage on the Caribbean Sea, long strips of powder white sand often stretch into the horizon, making it easy to find a spot away from the crowds to have that tropical beach moment that all of us long for from time to time.