The Benefits of Temp Housing for the Traveling Professional

Business travel is often stressful to even the most experienced travelers. Whether work calls someone to Los Angeles, Denver, or Boston, they often encounter the same issues. For business executives working on longer-term projects, a key decision is where to stay. Many go the hotel route, but this experience often leaves them disconnected from the city, and they might feel stir crazy if they stay for several weeks. The best alternative is temporary housing in luxury apartments for rent in Raleigh. Corporate housing firms offering luxury services are an ideal solution for business travelers that crave a more local, personal, and relaxed experience. 

Enjoy More Space

The typical urban center luxury apartment has twice the space (or more) of a hotel in the same area. Top corporate housing firms offer full desk workspaces in every unit, as well as dedicated dining areas. Guests can order DoorDash or Uber Eats and have room to spread out in their room before planning a night on the town or catching up on Netflix. 

Brian Ferdinand, travel expert and Managing Partner of CorpHousing Group, says luxury apartment rentals must be setup with all the comforts of home, which creates a more relaxed atmosphere. He says it’s a must for visitors to have room to fully unpack their clothes and other items and store them out of view, making the rental much less cluttered than the average hotel room. This extra space is invaluable when a traveler’s spouse and/or kids come along with the trip, because it provides everyone with a little more elbow room to spread out and relax. 

Explore Like a Local 

A luxury apartment rental located in an urban center provides a visitor with a more localized experience. The best firms only operate rental apartments that are directly in the heart of the city, instead of out in a suburb or next to the airport. Guests simply go out the building’s front door and they’re able to breathe in the city’s culture and energy.  

Hotels want guests to stay on the property for meals, cocktails, and other revenue-generating activities. As a contrast, Brian Ferdinand says corporate housing firms that specialize in luxury accommodations provide visitors with a home base for relaxation and exploration. He provided the example that all his units have residential refrigerators and kitchens, unlike the tiny hotel refrigerator. So, one of his company’s guests can take home (and reheat) half of any amazing margherita pizza, instead of throwing it out because the hotel refrigerator is stuffed with overpriced drinks. 

Work More Efficiently

Luxury apartment rentals through corporate housing firms are designed for relaxation and work. They feature high-speed dedicated Wi-Fi that provides guests with secure and reliable internet connectivity. This compares to frequently slow hotel Wi-Fi that poses security concerns and comes with a nightly fee. The apartment units feature dedicated workspaces, with enough space to conduct small business meetings, or Zoom meetings. 

Move Beyond Airbnb

Corporate housing companies specialize in a tailored and customer-focused experience. This contrasts sharply with Airbnb which is just a platform that relies on self-service. For the business traveler, the uncertainties and risks of Airbnb rentals outweigh any benefits. And there are regulatory and legal concerns, with many locales restricting short-term rentals under 30 days in length. Reputable corporate housing firms like CorpHousing Group provide travelers with reliable accommodations located only in central urban locations. According to Brian Ferdinand, the company’s team of greeters and personal service representatives meets every guest in person to discuss the rental and offer their availability to solve any problems. 

Adapt to the “New Normal”

As economies reopen and busines travel restarts in 2021 and beyond, many travelers will look for options with less crowded spaces where they can manage their level of interaction. So instead of crowded hotel lobbies and restaurants they’ll lean towards corporate housing rentals. It’s a less transient experience than hotels, with an emphasis on deep cleaning between rentals, which is difficult to maintain in a massive hotel with nightly turnover. Visitors to luxury rentals can ask their unit to be stocked with food items and cleaning supplies before they arrive. They will have easy access to explore the city, but also enjoy more “home comforts” in the rental to relax during downtime.