The Battle between Online Slots and Roulette

The growing technology and user interface upgrades have given birth to an era of online gaming. With the advent of GenZ gamblers, online casinos have ensured they provide the same experience as a land-based casino. However, the house advantage probabilities of the games remain the same, regardless of an online or land casino. Therefore, it is essential to understand the algorithm of the games before settling down to a choice.

Online slots and roulette are popular choices among the gambler population. Choosing the best among these games might prove to be a real stumper, especially for a rookie player. Devised below is a comparison drawn between these two popular games, which can assist players in making an informed decision.

The comparison has been drawn across the three margins of the game: Variety, odds of winning, and skill set required.

Online Slots vs Roulette Variety


Online slots stand out as the winner due to the assortment of games offered. Slots vary based on the number of reels, jackpot prizes, bonus games, sizes and themes. The slot themes are diverse, with alterations made to synchronize with the theme represented by the casino. Though typical slot machines have three reels, video slots can have five or more reels.

The bonus rounds offered by the slots are also not identical. Some offer free spins, while the others offer provisions to take advantage of bonus rounds. The jackpot prizes also vary. While some provide limited prize deals, games like progressive jackpots have scope for an unlimited prize deal.

A game of roulette only has three popular varieties: American, European and French roulette. The rules of the game are similar in all three versions. The American roulette wheel has an extra pocket for double zero, and French roulette has additional rules.

The other variations of the game that have gained popularity include double ball roulette, multi-wheel roulette and mini roulette.

Odds of winning

Every player wishes for that coveted jackpot win at every game in an online casino. Though luck does play a significant factor, opting for a game which has a lesser house advantage can increase the probability of registering a win.

Progressive jackpot assures higher prize money than roulette. However, hitting a progressive jackpot is highly improbable.

The chances of winning, regardless of roulette or slots, depends on various elements of the game. Each game has its Return to Player or RTP. Listed below are the house advantage and RTP for each game variation at an online casino.

Casino game


House edge %

American Roulette



European Roulette



French Roulette



Online slots



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Skillset required

Unlike poker, which heavily relies on the player’s skills, roulette and slots do not require a defined skillset. It is the luck of the player that makes all the difference.

How to choose between slots and roulette?

Choosing any game at an online casino is dependent on the player’s risk appetite and financial budget.

Beginners enjoy betting on slots because of the simplicity of the game. Also, some low volatile slots encourage players to begin at small bets.

When it comes to the house advantage, roulette has a lesser house advantage, giving a more significant winning edge to the player. Additionally, at an online casino, for a game of roulette, the number is generated using a random number generator (RNG). This distributes the advantages between player and house equally.

However, before indulging in any online casino, players are advised to exercise a few checkpoints of authenticity.

● Ensure that a regulatory body licenses the casino. The regulatory authority in India is the National Indian Gambling Commission

● Ensure that the online casino you choose has a good reputation and percentage share of happy players. You can do this by going through unbiased reviews offered by authentic online casino review sites

● Verify the promptness of the customer desk

● Conduct research on the data encryption schemes of the online casino

● Analyse the deposit and withdrawal policies, limits and currencies accepted before signing up

Final thoughts

Roulette and online slots are both equally fun games. Neither requires exceptional skills or expertise and can be played at the player’s pace. Choosing between the games can be decided on factors like jackpot money, house advantage, risk appetite, budget and your personal preference.