Talkspace Asks How Often Should You Talk to Your Therapist to Feel the Benefits?

The word therapy is one that has many processes behind it. There can be numerous nuances that surround the process as well. With the different nuances and processes surrounding the word therapy, it can become a process that’s difficult. Here’s a recap of the details about therapy and how it can differ.

Different models of Therapy Require Different Timeframes

According to the article’s author, Jor-El Caraballo, different approaches such as modes, models are used for different forms of therapy. Some forms of therapy can encourage patients to have long-running meetings like psychoanalysis. Long-running meetings can take hours, months, and even years to find a solution to a patient’s diagnosis. However, the most common form of therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy), is the most-used approach for reaching a diagnosis with patients. This method of therapy can be broken up into 45 minute sessions where the patient meets with a certified psychologist weekly to meet and discuss various topics.

Other forms of therapy can include, group, family, or couples sessions. These forms of therapies can run for a longer time than the common method of cognitive behavioral therapy. The three session types can occur in-person or via video chat. The reason why the sessions are longer for the three mentioned is so that details upon members of each party for the given situation can speak their case. It also helps members develop an understanding of each other which can lead to trying new things to improve relations.

What Research Says Regarding Individual Therapy

With the funded research fueling new findings regarding Therapy in general, researchers have found that 12-16 sessions of 45 minutes each is the most effective of helping and treating a client. According to Carabello, it takes a typical client 3-4 months to finish all of the sessions.

In terms of online therapy, clients will usually meet twice daily for five days a week. This is considered the equivalence of an in-office 45 minute session. Based on the evidence found from Carabello from Columbia University, computerized cognitive behavioral therapy lead to better results and satisfaction among patients. Another piece of evidence from the Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health found that 80% of the participants said that Talkspace was the most effective way than traditional therapy. In terms of the methods used in Talkspace, Talk Therapy doesn’t really follow a particular model. It’s a more flexible approach to helping a client with a problem.

Why is it important to talk to a therapist?

A therapist can help find out what’s causing your psychological condition. They can help you cope or treat the condition or problems that a client faces. It does not matter the condition you are in. The thing that matters is a certified therapist can help clients find the source of their problems, give important pieces of advice, and maintain a patient’s mental health.