Simple Changes That Will Boost Your Online Business

Your online business is just getting by. You have attracted enough customers to make good sales, but after you calculate the costs of supplies, shipping, labour and overhead, you aren’t left with anything. Something has got to give. If you want to give your ecommerce a noticeable boost, try these three changes:

Better Shipping Options

The website Big Commerce interviewed a variety of entrepreneurs to see what they recommended for increasing ecommerce sales and building a bigger audience. Many of the experts advised that owners use shipping as a competitive advantage.

Your small business may not be able to knock off the costs and offer free shipping like big brands, but you can at least find the most convenient and affordable options. A reliable courier broker can help you get the best shipping prices for local, national and international orders.

When you trim down the costs, your customers will be less likely to abandon their carts when they finally reach the check-out. Making your customers happy and making your ecommerce business fly higher than before is easy when you implement this simple change.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

If you’re on a strict budget, you can’t hire a marketing firm to spread the word about your products. Social media is an affordable way to expand your audience and advertise your business.

The first step will be choosing the platform to match your brand. For instance, products that are creative and visually-appealing like jewelry would fare best on Instagram. A brand that depends less on visuals may prefer Twitter as their main platform.

If you already have these applications, it’s possible that you need to optimize social media promotion — having a simple page won’t be enough to make an impact. Don’t forget to fill up the page profile with essential information and links. The simple change will help new customers understand the purpose of your business. Leaving it blank looks unprofessional and unfinished.

Make Quick Videos

Creators have been posting quick how-to-videos on their Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts to gain attention. The website Buzzfeed popularized this idea with their Tasty tutorials focusing on mouth-watering recipes like red velvet cookies and mozzarella stuffed onion rings.

You can replicate this video style with the help of a smartphone and a simple tripod to avoid shakey-cam. Once you’ve finished filming, you can speed up the footage in the editing process. Add titles and background music, then upload the tutorial online.

The easy-to-share videos can grow your audience, answer FAQs and solve common problems. At the bare minimum, they show your customers the potential of your products. For example, if your business focuses on organizational tools, you can make a video clearing a cluttered desk with your products.

When you have a small business, you don’t have an enormous workforce or budget to help you increase sales, gain popularity and reach new demographics. As a solution, you can try these simple and creative changes to achieve the same goals. You won’t have to spend everything you have to make a big difference.