Shahriar Ekbatani LinkedIn – Being a Civil Engineer Takes a Special Person

We may know someone like Shahriar Ekbatani LinkedIn, who is a top civil engineer and yet probably have no idea what their job entails or why it takes someone special to excel at the profession. Civil engineers have jobs that are both demanding and stressful. They are required to work long hours utilizing deep deliberation and be prepared to repeat things constantly before they are acceptable to their managers.

To master this job you must master a set of skills and qualities that few can. But for those who can, they are gifted with a high paying career with abundant amount of work opportunities. Sounds interesting? Well let’s see what type of special person is needed to become a civil engineer.

Meets Deadlines

Civil engineers need to always work towards a specific goal. Sometimes the job will require isolation either physically, mentally, ordering the completion of certain important tasks related to the project. This requires that the civil engineer be self-motivated, and able to manage himself and his work so that deadlines are met. Mini who into the profession are surprised at how much latitude they have in terms of managing their time and deciding  the order in which  to work on elements of a project. This approach is very important because it allows a civil engineer to create an environment for himself that makes him the most productive. He must however be cautious to stay on track and develop a habit of delivering his parts of a project before its due date.

Works Well in a Team

A civil engineer will always be a key part of a team that will include other Engineers, designers, architects, builders, and other professionals that collectively account for the brain power and skills of a project. They must appreciate and understand the need to work within a team setting. This can be much more difficult than it sounds, particularly when you consider the different personalities, work styles, and the speed of work at which professionals operate. The civil engineer must be able to moderate his or her particular work Style so that it fits within the group. In order to be most successful at accomplishing this civil engineer must put aside his or her own needs and place that of the group as the first priority.

Very Creative

When work is given to the civil engineer, it arrives in a very structured and specific manner with clear instructions about what work needs to be performed.  Civil engineers are closer the scientist than artists, and must ensure that the integrity, and precise technical components of the project are maintained.

However on every job there’s a need for a creative aspect of things. This will entail the civil engineer needing to use his imagination in order to solve a particular challenge, 4 modify a particular design approach. Other members of the team expect that the civil engineer will utilize creativity in his job. Because of this creativity is a necessary skill for any civil engineer.