Michelle L Marquez On Why She Chose The Stock Market

My friend Michelle L Marquez was by far and away the best student in the class when we studied law back in university and everyone could see that she would go on to become a great legal professional. Whilst we were planning the weekend’s festivities Michelle would be studying arbitration law, fraud cases and other ‘exciting’ aspects of the law, and she was always destined for great things. Michelle decided to chose a career working within the stock market and the securities commission, and I caught up with her recently to find out why this area of law was the one which she chose. If you are interested in the law, perhaps Michelle’s story can inspire you.


Whilst Michelle did always have a passion for law, she also tells me that since an early age she loved the financial markets and given that her Dad was an investment banker, she was exposed to this from a young age. She tells me that just before college she was flirting with the idea of becoming a banker or an investor, but that her love of law outweighed that which she had for the world of finance. Naturally when the opportunity arose to work in the legal system and the financial world, she snapped up the chance.

Global Economy

Something which Michelle tells me that she has always loved about the stock market is that the global economy is being decided each and every day on the racing floor. She has always found the rise and fall of stock prices to be fascinating and she tells me that looking across the trading floor for her, is a thing of beauty which not many people get to experience.


As Michelle was reaching her major year at college she began hearing stories coming out of the stock exchange of wrongdoing and stock manipulation, as well as the famous story of Nick Leeson who famously brought down Barings Bank. She tells me that this was the key reason why she decided to get involved with a group that monitored stock trades, because she wanted to help to keep this a clean industry. Greedy men and women should always be brought down, especially when they are committing illegal acts, and this is why, Michelle says, she had such a desire to go and work in the stock market, in order to help keep it legal.


Finally it was the pace of this world that really attracted her to it, knowing that she wasn’t going to be an investor or a stock trader, she still wanted a piece of the action and so she decided to use her skills and passion for the law to forge a career within it.

Michelle is doing something which she absolutely loves and this is something which I see evidence of every single day, if you have a passion it is vital that you try to make a career with it.