Michael Briese – Great Financial Career Choices

It is always best to be in a career doing something you love and it can be very easy to get caught in the art race and wake up one day with the sinking feeling that you have chosen the wrong career. It is important to remember however that it is never too late to switch careers, whatever age you are and regardless of what you have dedicated your life to so far.

Today we are going to take look at what career options you have in front of you if finance is your thing, it is not for everyone but there are many number crunchers out there who love nothing more than the coolly and if that is you then here are some options to consider.

Stock Broker

Brokers like my good friend Michael Briese work in a fast paced industry which involves a great deal of money flying around each day. The job of a stock broker involves you advising clients when to buy and sell particular stocks based on the forecasts which you will have made after processing huge amounts of financial data. In order to be good at this job you need to have an analytical mind, a great understanding of the financial markets and also be hard working. There is a lot of money to be made as a stock broker but it is worth remembering that in the early stages of your career you will be working long hours for little money as you build up your clients.

Tax Accountant

The World of taxation can be a minefield for many businesses and it is for this reason that almost all companies have a tax accountant who looks after this side of things for them. Tax accountants must have a full and comprehensive understanding of the taxation laws and in order to practice as a tax accountant, you must pass no less than 4 exams. Your role within a company will be to ensure that they are living up to their tax obligation and that they are not paying too much, or too little tax. This is a very stable job which can be very financially rewarding.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors play an important role in both individual and business finances as they use their deep knowledge of the financial sector to provide advice around the management of finances. Advisors have many different uses, they can be consulted when it comes to investing in a particular market, they can help families to better budget and they can be asked for advice around important financial decisions which face companies. In order to be a good financial advisor, you will need to be a jack of all trades when it comes to finance and be able to offer sage advice on a range of different subjects. There is no set qualification for a financial advisor but if you work for a company in this role then you will probably be sent on a series of courses to hone your craft.