Why Do So Many Business Leaders Fail?

It is interesting to notice the fact that most of the successful business leaders of today were faced with some sort of failure in the past. That is something that became quite common in business. As an example, previously president of Oracle, Charles Phillips is now Infor’s CEO. When he led Oracle, he did many great moves but he did have problems, mainly caused by others. He learned from that even if it was not a failure. He treated it as such and when he became CEO of Infor many changes were made. This led towards the huge growth that Infor sees right now, quickly growing from 4 employees to number 3 in the ERP service provider market.


The success of a company is basically highly connected with the leadership skills of the manager and the owner. However, many business leaders fail. Let’s see the most common reasons why this tends to happen.

Not Listening To The Complaints Of The Employees

The people that fuel the growth of a company are not the business leaders. They are basically the facilitators, those that help the growth happen. The backbone is always the workforce. It is really important that a business leader listens to the staff members. When this does not happen, it is a certainty that morale will go down. If there are employees that complain, listen to them. See what causes the complaint and see if there is something that can be done to improve the working environment.

Lack Of Planning

There is a lot of talk about vision these days. Successful business leaders always have a great vision but that is never enough for success. It is also really important that the steps necessary to actually achieve the growth in the future are taken. This automatically involves planning. The business leaders that are successful will always take their time to plan all the steps that will be taken to improve growth speed.

Stopping The Learning Process

You can be a really great business leader today and tomorrow you end up making many mistakes that make staff members lose all respect for you. It is really important as any person in a leadership position to keep learning. Do not believe that you know everything. Business can change from one month to the next. You need to be sure that you are going to always see what you can do in order to improve your personal skills. There are always things that you can work on.

Positive Attitude Lacks

When you are negative, you cannot be a successful business leader. This is something that absolutely nobody should neglect. Attitude can be changed and you can learn how to be a more positive person. Business leaders that have a negative attitude will surely end up faced with employee related problems. Make sure that you always look at the bright side of things. If something bad happens, highlight that in a positive way. There is such a thing called constructive criticism. This comes out of a positive attitude.