Jewelry Trends for Teens in 2018: Unique Meets Chic

Teens looking to express themselves while latching onto the latest trends tend to do so with jewelry as well as clothes. Savvy teenssync their personal styles with widely worn styles of the day. It’s where unique meets chic … and it’s the way to stay fashion forward.

As the new year unfolds, some jewelry trends are already apparent. Chokers and ear cuffs, along with the timeless and ever-popular earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants.

jewelry trends

Here’s a look at several jewelry trends for teens in 2018.


Earrings, Ear Climbers, Ear Cuffs

Classic hoop earrings never go out of style. Wear them in any color, metal, material or size – although saving the super-large hoops for the club scene is probably best. Earring studs are also timeless.

Dangling earrings are still on point. But for teens, big dangling earrings are best left for a special evening out: Prom, a big date, a formal event, for example. Trending big among dangling earrings so far this year are colorful or metallic spheres of two or three descending sizes.

Ear climbers, which are worn near the mid-point of the outer ear and appears as if several earrings are being worn, are also trending. Ear climbers is usually shaped to mimic the curve of the outer ear, and ends at or near the earlobe. A popular ear climber style gives the look of wearing several studs in a row.

Ear cuffs have come in and out of style through the years. It came back in mid-2017 and remains popular as an earring alternative. Ear cuffs can offer an element of edginess to an otherwise traditional look.  Because earrings, ear climbers, and ear cuffs are so close to the face, it is advised that face shape and size is kept in mind when selecting these accessories. Proportion is key when it comes to a stylish, polished look. No one wants to be overtaken or overshadowed by their jewelry especially with their ear piercings.



Simply put, pendants are popular. It makes no difference if it’s on a long necklace or a short necklace.One’s individuality comes through in the selection of the pendant.

A big trend coming on strong this year is “Shattered Glass Ceiling” pendant. With a big focus this year on women striving for equality to men on all fronts, it’s not a big surprise that this pendant necklace has become popular … even among teens. The name of this necklace comes from the term “glass ceiling” given to the biased-based barriers faced by women and minorities who work toward professional advancement.

Wearing broken glass sounds dangerous. But, when in proper condition, the pendant safe to wear. The shattered glass is secured between two pieces of non-broken glass plates. It can be worn as part of a layered look (more on this trend coming up), or it can be worn alone.



There was a lively debate a few months ago about whether the choker trend has died. While the fashionistas of the world weighed in on this, teens have continued to wear chokers and tight-fitted necklaces. Chokers are another trend that has come and gone through the decades. Some of the key differences are the materials out of which the chokers are made. This year, there is likely to be a shift from lace and fabric chokers to the tight-fitted necklaces (yes, even pearls!). Subtle stacking and layering of these high-necked necklaces is also en vogue.



Layering and stacking of jewelry is nothing new. Generations of teens have been doing it. The difference is how it is done and the type of accessories used. In the 1980’s, for example, teens were stacking plastic band bracelets and big clunky bracelets.

In 2018, the pieces being mix-and-matched and layered – be it rings, bracelets, necklaces, or pendant necklaces – will mostly be dainty pieces. Popular now are chain-link and mesh-link bracelets and necklaces.

Some of the bracelets and necklaces may have a few small or mid-sized charms or stones. Layering pendant necklaces can also be stylish, if limited to three or four thin necklaces.

For those who don’t want to pick out several different necklaces, there are single necklaces with several layers built-in. These are also in style now. The same is true for bracelets and rings.

Affordability does not have to be a barrier to being in step with current trends. The single, multi-layer necklaces may be less expensive than buying three or four necklaces (if you don’t already have necklaces that look good layered together). Also some jewelry pieces come in multiples. Some ring sets, or bracelet or necklace sets, may come in pieces meant to be worn as stackables.



Shop around. There are deals to be found on trendsetting jewelry items. Here’s an example: In Season Jewelry has chain-link and mesh-link teen bracelets that don’t bust a buyer’s budget.

One of the few things more exciting than the jewelry trends in 2018 is watching to see what people do to meld current trends with their personal styles. And, they’re likely find fun, affordable ways to do it! Dress for success in 2018!