How to Find the Best Lawsuit Funding Rates

Lawsuit funding is a legal agreement between the lawsuit plaintiff and a lender to instantly provide funds to the customer, often within a day. Reputable Nevada pre-settlement funding companies offer up to 12-hour money advances. They carry the risk while you keep the money. You are not liable to pay back the loan unless you win the case.

Finding excellent pre-settlement funding rates in Nevada can be challenging due to the multiple lawsuit financing firms. The following guidelines will be useful when making your selection.

Duration of Your Case

Lawsuits may take months to several years before their conclusion, and pre-settlement loans have interest rates of between 27 and 60 percent annually. Since lawsuit interest rates are compounded monthly, the principal and interest charges can double up in 12 months. For instance, a $25,000 settlement will attract a $12,500 interest in a year!

Choose a Reliable Lawsuit Lender

As a petitioner, you will receive a myriad of lending offers in the market. This makes identifying the ideal lending organization a daunting process. Start by consulting your attorney since they can easily identify trustworthy and risky firms. Your lawyer will also assist in negotiating suitable rates. The best lenders will provide a list of excellent practices that members agree to comply with and will handle subjects such as disclosure requirements, false advertising, and lending amounts.

How Lawsuit Financing Firms Set Interest Rates

High-end Nevada pre-settlement funding companies evaluate patrons according to their cases and implement an interest rate based on their strength. The appropriate lawsuit funding organization will discuss the case with you and your attorney to get insight into your legal claims and whether it is likely to attract a favorable settlement. Avoid firms that attach a uniform interest rate on all their customers’ cases and opt for those that have flexible rates dependent upon a principled case valuation technique.

Ask for a quote on your case and compare the funding fees. Interest rates are high, and finding this data on the firm’s website is sheer luck. Inquire about the application fees while keeping in mind that some lenders may charge you to consider the case. However, most of them provide a free evaluation.

Most organizations compound monthly while others compound annually. Since compounding implies offsetting interest on the interest, more intervals in compounding means higher payment amounts upon the conclusion of the case.

Proper Comprehension of the Pre-settlement

Confirm that the lender will not require a payment that’s more than the award. Ensure that you are not liable for making payments if the case fails. Have proper comprehension of the loan’s interest rates and inquire what your fixed interest will be after the lender evaluates and underwrites your case. Opt for companies that provide easy-to-understand and less than 3.5 percent interest rates.

Keep in mind that making inquiries or submitting a loan application does not oblige you to make any pledges or sign any documents to the pre-settlement firm. When the lender is reluctant to answer your questions or to disclose the financing terms, it’s time to take your endeavors elsewhere.

Get Proof of Pre-Settlement Interest Rates

When the pre-settlement funding firm provides you with a rate, ensure their quoted rate is available in writing. This assists you when searching for the ideal interest rate. It will also significantly help you avoid dishonest companies that make false claims regarding their lawsuit funding fees.


Settle for lending agencies that offer legal financing for a wide variety of cases ranging from worker’s compensation to personal injury settlements. These agencies should offer the lowest interest rates in the market and a 100 percent risk-free settlement.