How To Find A Therapist Near Me

Just like selecting a romantic partner, selecting a therapist to help you with that partnership is a nuanced and important search. Finding a therapist who has an approach that matches your own, who specializes in issues that you and your partner are going through, and that is conveniently located to you are all essential parts of finding the right fit.

Here are some essential tips to consider when looking for a therapist:

Search reputable directories

Once you decide what kind of therapy is right for you, make sure you search for licensed therapists in your area. Many compiled lists aren’t vetted, so using trusted resources like the one from Psychology Today is a great place to start.

Ask friends for recommendations

Although this subject might be awkward to broach, it’s also a great way to share and connect on a deeper level with people that you trust. If your friend hasn’t tried couples therapy personally, it’s likely they’ll have recommendations from those close to them.

Vet potential therapists with questions

It’s impossible to determine if you’re a good fit with your therapist based solely on their credentials and bio. An essential step is finding a few therapists you like and then picking their brain with a few preliminary questions. 

Consider Relish

Sometimes you’ll find, at the end of a frustrating search, that traditional therapy isn’t the right option for you. If the time requirement or financial cost is too high, then consider an effective alternative like Relish. This relationship self-care app delivers customized content, interactive insight quizzes, and private coaching sessions (at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy).

As long as you approach your search with these tips in mind, you’ll be certain to find the right therapist for your relationship.