How to Dress for Your Sweet Sixteen – The Ultimate Guide

It only happens once! We’re talking about your Sweet 16 – the first step into the remarkable journey of womanhood. It is obvious that a lot of pictures will be clicked and years from now when you go through the photographs, there should be nothing but joy and pride in your heart.

That is why we have prepared the ultimate guide to dress up perfectly for this special occasion:

  1. Picking Out the Perfect Dress

It is only step one to find the perfect dress for the party. The latest collection of sweet sixteen dresses has a wide range of items to offer but you have to narrow it down. Consider the factors- activities, type of events and number of guests. For instance, if your activities are having a pinata party followed by a lot of dancing, it is best to go for something short and sweet like:

They won’t be too much of a trouble to carry and will certainly keep you comfortable throughout the evening. This style is more suited to intimate parties with only a few close friends and family.

What if it is an upscale sophisticated gathering with a lot of guests? That is where you unleash your Disney Princess avatar with these sweet 16 gowns:

If you’re not looking for that much of drama and grandeur in the attire and want to keep it moderate, we’ve got these amazing sweet 16 dresses:

  1. Don’t Avoid Beadwork

This is your Sweet 16 party- it is indeed a very special occasion. Do not settle for solid neutrals with no embroidery or beadwork on the fabrics. Even if you want something extremely sophisticated, subtle embellishments on the waistline or the bodice will definitely enhance your look.

The sweet 16 dresses 2020 selection presents these gorgeous outfits that will get your attention:

  1. Accessorize Perfectly

The perfect sweet 16 outfits will not be perfect without the accessories. In fact, it is not even a sweet 16 attire unless you put on the tiara. We suggest you choose the type of tiara based on the style of your dress. For instance, a jeweled crown will go perfectly with the Quinceanera dresses. Similarly, the regal tiara will be for girls wearing flaring A-line dress with a train finish. Wearing a strapless dress? Class it up with a choker necklace! If your overall attire is very shiny, simple ear studs and beaded bracelets will be ideal to wrap it up.

  1. Hair & Makeup

Your hair and makeup should match the overall vibe or theme of the party. However, if you don’t have a specific theme, just try to keep it in sync with your dress. Tie up your hair in a messy bun if you are wearing a ball gown and have long hair. You may also leave it loose at the back in case of short dresses. Our advice for makeup is to go easy on the face and try to give maximum attention to the eyes. You can use heavy eyeliner or try to create a more shimmering effect with colourful eyes shadows and glitter.

Pair the ultimate sweet 16 dresses with your best shoes and accessories to look absolutely spectacular on this memorable evening. Just be your bubbly self and have fun with your look!