How To Care For Different Jeep Tops

Take a second from eyeballing that new set of off road tires for jeep, and consider the one thing that your vehicle needs year-road, its top. While jeeps are undoubtedly one of the most versatile vehicles on the planet, their tops require care and maintenance to ensure that they last as long as the rest of the body. Therefore, when it comes to maintaining your Jeep’s top, it is necessary to understand the type you have along with the specific care instructions for that material. There are essentially two types of Jeep covers, soft tops and hard tops, and how you care for each will determine the longevity of the material and the cap.

Storing and Caring for a Soft Top

A jeep wrangler soft top is almost as versatile as the vehicle itself. A driver can easily remove the lid on their own and even store it in the car. Also, you have the option to only uncover portions of the Jeep, making the top customizable. However, soft vinyl tops are a little more challenging to clean and maintain than hard tops. For example, soft tops often require cleaning by hand with specialty vinyl cleaners. For twill style tops, it is best to use designated fabric cleaners with a horsehair brush. However, that is not to say that you cannot use a regular car wash for cleaning, only that hand care is often better for the material, especially when combined with the proper soap or cleanser.

Storing and Caring for a Hard Top

There is no denying that maintaining a hard jeep top is easier than a soft top. These covers are more durable and can withstand the use of a regular drive-through car wash. However, these tops require significantly more storage space. While soft tops can be rolled up and stored in the jeep, a hard top cannot break down into a smaller size because it is a rigid fiberglass shell. Therefore, in order to store a hard jeep top, you will need to have the extra space available in your garage or another shed.

Other Tops

While the soft top and hard top are the essential jeep covers, there are variations of each. For example, there are modular covers and bikini tops or cab covers and windjammers. No matter the top, you only need to remember to use cleaners that are appropriate for the materials. Also, for specialty materials or tops that you are unsure of, you can always check with the manufacturer or the supplier of the top.

Jeeps are amazing vehicles, and it is no wonder why people love them. However, as these vehicles have long lifespans, it is necessary to care for their tops as you would the rest of the body. For soft tops, use cleaners specific to the materials. For hard tops, make sure that you have adequate storage. Also, know that any jeep top is designed with durability in mind. If you have any more questions, then reach out to a jeep product supplier and ask a representative.