Giving Merchants Unprecedented Loyalty Tools

When most people think about credit card rewards, they often think about consumer benefits. However, merchants also have a lot to gain in rewards points programs. Merchants are always looking for ways to attract new customers while increasing retention. With credit card issuers like Brim Financial, merchants are provided with the ability to offer repeat customers with increasing bonuses on a single platform. 

Customer loyalty programs are nothing new, but they have always been in-store specific. While this can be beneficial, it is rather burdensome to have customers sign up for every store individually. Further, merchants are only able to communicate to customers about their rewards program when they come into their location. Brim Financial has everything embedded in one card. Consumers aren’t required to keep track of individual loyalty cards or managing point reward coupons. 

Brim allows merchants to offer frequent customers with increasing bonuses that can be offered continuously, or on specific days, weeks or months. Merchants can use this point offering program to increase patronage during slower days or capture more sales during holidays. Rasha Katabi, founder and CEO of Brim Financial, explains, “Merchants are seeing the benefits of the Brim platform. It allows them to provide personalized offers to their customers with a turkey solution.” 

Brim offers seamless integration for merchants, saving time and resources. For example, Brim can launch a customized offer for merchants within minutes. Traditionally, this would take weeks or even months to set up. Ollie Quinn, an eyewear retailer and Brim merchant has experienced the benefit this platform offers, saying, “Brim’s points system not only makes for efficient shopping, but a more seamless shopping experience for consumers.” 

More merchants across Canada are taking advantage of the customized merchant programs Brim is offering. Katabi is optimistic about the future of Brim and its merchant programs, saying, “Having merchant partners enriches our total platform for the cardholder.”