Fitting in a Master’s Degree

Everyone is busy. For some people, it’s work. These days a 9 to 5 job rarely exists; your job goes everywhere you go. For others, it’s family. You drive your kids around, spend time with your spouse and worry about finances. Other people have just gotten out of undergraduate school and the thought of taking on a new full academic schedule can be off putting. However, it can be done. If the desire for a Master’s degree is there, there’s a way to do it.


If you are just trying to decide where you want your career to go and how to get it there, and you’re interested in pursuing a higher degree, but not sure what, take a moment to consider getting your Master’s in Public Administration. This versatile career can take you many places, and it’s not so difficult to obtain a Master’s in Public Administration no matter how busy your daily life is.

Careers with a Master’s in Public Administration

Certain careers may pop into mind when thinking of Public Administration, perhaps working in a government agency or in human resources. These are viable options, but these careers go much further than these. A Master’s in Public Administration opens the door to a plethora of career options, some quite lucrative. Here are some of them including government:

  • Government Offices – Jobs like Health Directors, Parks and Rec, Police Commissioner and Educational Board of Directors all fall into this category. Depending on your interests and background, you could find the perfect spot in the government sector. You can also work at a state or federal level in many of these positions and more.
  • Non Profit Work – Whether it is holding a board position or working in administration, the non-profit sector is a growing field. Again, you can find the non-profit that holds meaning to you and make a difference with the work you do. A Master’s will prepare you for this and make you more marketable.
  • The Private Sector – A degree in Public Administration will also get you far in the private sector. Because this degree puts you in a position of leadership and management, you’ll be ready to take on some high level positions, including Director, Manager and C- Level positions. You’ll also obtain skills to help you succeed in human resources, administration and more.

Obtaining the Degree

Whether you decide to obtain your Master’s in Public Administration through a traditional master’s program of an online program, you’ll be assured you are on the path to learning valuable skills and advancing your career. Benefits exist to both; just make sure whatever you do is accredited and legitimate.

Traditional Learning – Going to a traditional classroom and college campus does offer some unique benefits. For those who like a traditional schedule and being surrounded by professors and peers, this may be the best choice. Some people thrive under the feeling of being in a classroom, and this a great way to obtain a degree, especially if you have a college convenient to you or you’re in a position to easily get to class. You’ll be able to confer with professors and students face to face on a regular basis. Your schedule will be set and you will have classes to attend and participate in.

Online Learning – For others, online learning is the best choice. As mentioned earlier, people are busy. For those with full time careers or family obligations, online learning is an excellent option. You can do the work at your convenience, whether it’s late at night, early AM or during your lunch break. As long as you are someone with self-motivation and discipline, this is a great option. You don’t have to worry about a commute or what you wear to class.

The Choice is Yours

Trends change throughout the years, some hang out for awhile and disappear while others are here to stay. With the way our world is changing, with an emphasis in non-profit organizations and growing government agencies, along with more opportunity in the private sector, A Master in Public Administration is a smart choice in graduate work if you feel the call to it. With online learning, it’s easy to do no matter your busy situation, be it family, work or anything else. In today’s world, we have lots of options, and the choices are yours!

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