Finding a Buyer for Your iPhone

If you want to get your hands on a new handset, you will probably have to sell the one you are currently using. All Apple phones come with prestige. However, given the rapid change to new models, you are likely to get a low offer for a model like the iPhone 6, which can be disappointing given the real worth of the handset. However, this does not mean that you cannot fetch a good price for your device. Here are a few tips on how to land a good customer for your iPhone. 

Do a Research of the Average Prices 

It is important to know the average prices of similar second-hand devices in the market. Do a simple search on your geolocation on the price of your model. You just need to type the device such as ‘used iPhone 5s price in Oregon’ and see the average prices. Keep in mind that any damage such as cracked screen or operation issue may bring the value of your device lower than the average. 

Consider Unlocking Your Device 

Unlocking the phone increases the number of potential clients that can buy your phone as it can be used in various regions and with various phone service companies. If your iPhone is locked to a given carrier, find out how you can unlock it. Some carriers will charge for this service. If the price is not too high, it is worth the cost. 

Clean the Phone and Take Amazing Images of the Same 

When selling the phone online, ensure that you post the best images you can get. Potential customers will judge the condition of the phone based on your images. You may borrow a phone and take images in ambient light. You can use the phone’s image editing software to improve the images captured.

Create A Good Description

In your description, create a title with the model number and important details. For example, iPhone SE, 64 Gb, White). Describe the phone in a few lines, using bullet points and in simple English. Include information about any flaws in your description, along with any accessories that are still available. You don’t want to shock your buyer with a cracked phone when he or she expects one that is in pristine condition. Don’t misrepresent facts about the hope that buyers won’t check. Also, do not include an iPhone 7 feature that is not available in your 6 plus.

Where Do You Advertise? 

There are a number of areas where you can advertise your phone online and get a sizeable audience. Some of the options include the following. 

Facebook ads 

With Facebook ads, you can set the demographics of your target audience so that the ads appear to people who are likely to buy. Set payments on actions such as contacting you via message and not ad impressions. 

Facebook Marketplace

Post your ad free in Facebook Marketplace groups. Try to post on several groups at a time but avoid spamming them with ads as you may get banned.


Craigslist allows you to post ads on the site for free. The key to selling on Craigslist is selecting the geo-location where you target potential buyers. Create very short ads that detail all the important features. Start with something like ‘iPhone 7 Plus for sale’ then put other details in a few lines.

Free Auction Websites 

Several websites allow you to post items free. Take advantage of such sites and post the ad in as many places as possible. You can also sell the phone on classified ads on dailies and tabloids. There are also sites such as sell My Mobile where you get the right audience for any iPhone whether a 6s or iPhone X.

Negotiation and Closing the Sale

You are likely to get several calls regarding the phone sale. Set the price in such a way that you can go down by a small margin. Do not be so fast to go down. Discuss the features and price on the phone so that you do not have to meet everyone interested in the phone. Meetings should be made in public so that you not endangered in any way. 

Always receive the cash first before giving away the phone. You may also have a written sale agreement where both of you sign against for security purposes.