Encouraging People To Donate Blood Using Infographics

You may be surprised to know that in the United States, someone needs a blood transfusion every 2 seconds. In fact, nearly 7 out of 10 people will need a blood transfusion at some point in their lifetime. Sadly, due to low blood donations and other complications, many hospitals are struggling with an insufficient supply of donated blood. In response to this crisis, many organizations have been created whose mission is to help raise awareness for the need for more donated blood and find ways to increase access.  One of the most effective ways to encourage more people to donate blood is through infographics.

10 Ways On How To Encourage People To Donate Blood Using Infographics

1.  Show How Many People Need Blood.

Infographics should go beyond the simple facts and figures about blood donation. They should also show how people who need blood can be helped by other people giving donations. For this reason, infographics should include a compelling statistic that shows exactly how many people are waiting for donated blood.

2. Provide Information On What Type Of Donations Are Accepted.

One of the most common concerns that people have about donating blood is whether or not they fit in with the eligibility requirements. To address this misconception, cool infographics should provide clear and concise information on what types of donations are accepted and how to donate them.

3. Highlight The Shortage Of Donated Blood.

Infographics should show the decrease in donated blood and how it will affect those who are looking for blood transfusion. For example, infographics can include statistics that show the number of people that died or were hospitalized due to a lack of access to donated blood.

4. Show Where The Blood Goes And How It Is Used.

When people are concerned about donating blood, they are often worried that it will be used for the wrong purpose. To address this concern, infographics should show where donated blood goes and how it is used in treating patients all over the world.

5. Educate People On The Benefits Of Donating Blood.

Infographics should highlight how donating blood has great benefits to the donor. They can show how donating helps patients by giving them a better chance of survival and even promotes healthy living.

6. Call To Action For Those Who Want To Contribute.

The last thing that an infographic should do is to provide a clear call-to-action phrase for people who may want to donate blood. The best way to do this is by encouraging them to sign up with the organization that provides access to donated blood.

7. Tell A Successful Story Of Donations.

Infographics should show how people who have donated blood ended up saving lives. They can also include statistics that show the number of lives saved by donated blood.

8. Show How Easy It Is To Make A Donation.

By showing how easy it is to give blood, many people who may have reservations about donating will feel encouraged to contribute.

9. Provide Contact Information For More Details.

Infographics that provide information on how to donate blood should also contain a link for people who may want to find out more.

10. Share Diverse Types Of Donators And Stories Of Inspiration.

The best way to encourage more people to donate blood is by highlighting the wide variety of people who have donated and showing how they changed lives.

Because of this, infographics should include diverse types of donors and inspiring stories that show how giving donations can be one way to help other people.

11.  Avoid Fear-Based Appeals.

Finally, the infographic should avoid any fear-based appeals that may make people concerned about donating blood. For example, it should not include statistics and facts about how donated blood can be misused to create biological weapons. Instead, it should focus on inspiring stories and facts, and figures about donated blood and its positive effects.

What Are The Best Ways To Create A Donate Blood Infographic?

There are several different ways that you can create an infographic that is both appealing and engaging.

1. Make It Colorful And Appealing.

As mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to create an infographic is by making it colorful and visually appealing. The infographic should contain vibrant colors and images that will help people see what donating blood can do for them and other people all over the world.

2. Make The Style Fun And Interactive.

When it comes to creating infographics, style is important because it determines how engaging the infographic will be. One of the best ways to create an infographic that people will want to share on social media is by making it fun and interactive. This means providing links for people who want to learn more and also providing a call-to-action phrase for people who want to donate blood and make a difference in the lives of others.

3. Use The Right Infographic Software.

There are many different types of infographic software that you can use when creating an infographic, but it is important that you choose the best one. For example, you can use Photoshop for high-quality images and InDesign for animated infographics. With many different types of software available, it is important that you take the time to research them all before choosing one to create your infographic using.

4. Highlight The Benefits Of Donating Blood And Ways To Contribute.

When it comes to creating infographics, you will need to provide people with the facts and figures that highlight the benefits of donating blood. For example, you can include statistics about how donated blood can help sick and injured patients survive and live healthy lives.

5. Use Venngage Infographics

Venngage is an online infographic maker that provides a wide range of infographic templates for people to use in many different purposes. To give you an idea, here are some of the best infographic examples from their collection.

There are many different ways that you can create an infographic for blood donation. But, it is important to remember the goal of this project: get people excited about donating and take action by signing up with their local organization or giving money if they cannot donate.

The best way to do this is by highlighting all the benefits of donated blood and encouraging others through sharing inspirational stories. If you need help creating your own infographics, don’t forget these tips. What are you waiting for? Host a blood donation drive and make your own infographic with Venngage today!