Earn Crypto Interest Through USD Coin APY

Most crypto investors struggle with holding their coins. The fear of missing out sometimes pushes crypto owners to sell their assets to fund their new investments. However, did you know that you can leverage your crypto and earn some interest on usdc?

If you are looking for ways to earn interest from your crypto service, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, we will introduce you to YouHodler. The article will explain in detail some of the ways YouHodler can help you earn interest from your crypto savings.

What is YouHodler?

YouHodler is a crypto wallet service. However, other than the wallet feature, YouHodler offers other services such as crypto loans and exchanges, and offers amazing interest on saved crypto assets. Ideally, the company’s mantra is to help clients hold crypto for as long as they can.

YouHodler’s crypto exchange platform allows users to trade on fiat, stablecoins, and all crypto coins. The app is quite beginner-friendly and features a handy user guide to show first-time crypto buyers the process of exchanging fiat or stablecoins to crypto.

Earning Crypto Interest

Through YouHodler, you can earn interest from your crypto assets. You can make usdc earn interest by depositing your assets in YouHodler’s savings accounts. This service is not limited to crypto coins only. You can earn interest from stablecoins, too. In fact, stablecoin interest is at a rate of 12.3%. The interest earned from your savings is deposited into your account every week.

You can use the usdc apy calculator to calculate how much compounding interest your savings can earn you. YouHodler’s savings account service is quite a massive feature as it allows investors to hold onto their savings for as long as possible.

Buying Crypto or Stablecoins

Some crypto investors are often discouraged by the high trading or exchange fees charged by most exchange platforms. Most crypto exchange platforms make their profits through transaction fees when users buy or sell coins on their platforms. However, this is not the case with YouHodler. Their transaction fees on all exchanges are quite low compared to what other exchange platforms charge.

You can also earn crypto-backed loans from YouHodler. The loan can be either in form of crypto or fiat currency. For instance, if there is new crypto on the block and you’re willing to invest in it, you may be forced to liquidate your current crypto assets. However, you don’t have to if you’re using YouHodler. All you will need is to apply for a loan and place your crypto savings as security. You can then use the loan to invest in other crypto assets without selling your original stash.

Bottom Line

Earning interest from your crypto assets is something that can help most investors hold their coins for long. YouHodler offers a usdc interest calculator that can help you forecast the amount of interest your assets can earn you. However, ensure that you do some research when investing in crypto coins or stablecoins.