Are You Keeping Yourself from Landing that Dream Job?

Getting your dream job may not be easy, but it's certainly possible ... photo by CC user Dannon Loveland on Flickr

Success has no age limitations. You can get that dream job.

There are people in their 40’s that learn new things and beat out the millennials when it comes to the job market, but believe it or not, with age comes wisdom which to many businesses is a sense of security and not a weakness.

But, I don’t have the educational experience to obtain a career in their industry of choice…

This is not a valid excuse. First, there are plenty of job opportunities that people can take advantage of without the educational criteria. It is easier than ever to obtain a degree at your own convenience.

Want to be a college professor or elementary school principal? Obtaining masters of education online has never been easier than it is right now.

Looking to become a business owner? There are online and on campus classes you can take for that as well.

However, not having the skills is an excuse to not push forward towards your dreams. If you need additional skills, take up an online course, or attend a training session and obtain the skills you need to put you in a better position.

If you get to know someone … you can get to know anyone

Yes in the great world of business people will often try to help those that are closest to them. An executive of a company looking for someone to take on a managerial position will ultimately look to those they know before seeking candidates elsewhere. Sometimes companies even use recruiting agencies to ease the burden of sifting through candidates. CulverCareers is a nationwide pharmaceutical sales recruiter that helps people looking for pharmaceutical sales roles find their perfect job. They need to fit the company and the person to it to ensure the best work output will be there.

However, landing a position of any kind is all about selling yourself. If you have the necessary experience professionally and educationally, you sell yourself short by assuming that you cannot chase your dreams as an adult.

Even if life dealt you a challenging hand in your years does not mean that it accomplish your dreams. It all starts with how you think.

If you think positively, you will begin to act positively, and eventually you can obtain the career that makes you happy to go to work each day.