Buying a Safe Trampoline for your Family has never been Easier

Trampolines are a great way to get outside, have some fun and get active either by yourself or with the family. A trampoline can be a great gathering point for fun and excitement for kids of all ages and adults alike, as long as safety is ensured. Trampolines have a bad reputation — and it’s true that thousands of hospital visits each year occur because of injuries incurred while using one. What most people do not know, is that most trampoline-related injuries are actually to be blamed on the design of the trampoline itself, and not necessarily the user’s activity. This is due to the fact that despite the improvements made in materials and construction, trampoline designs have not changed in the 80 years since its invention. Trampoline mats are held in place by large, tightly coiled springs which are secured to a heavy metal frame — all on a horizontal plane accessible to the jumper.

This design is flawed at its core and that is why Springfree Trampoline has set the new standard with their patented springless design, that does not rely on an exposed frame or traditional coiled springs. Springfree has removed springs altogether, instead using flexible composite rods as well as a hidden frame. Springfree’s SoftEdge mat creates 360 degrees of safety — where the mat ends, the FlexiNet safety enclosure begins, ensuring that no bouncer will ever come into contact with a hard metal surface. The FlexiNet is itself supported by flexible composite rods that bend like fishing poles and absorb a jumper’s energy. If you’re shopping for the best trampolines with enclosure nets, be sure to consider FlexiNet technology, as it is setting new standards in trampoline safety.

Of course, there is more to modern trampoline companies than just the design of the trampolines themselves. Companies have been making advances in how people actually interact with trampolines. Springfree Trampoline has partnered with tgoma to offer the world’s first smart trampoline. The purpose of this game system is to bring kids out of the house and to turn sedentary play into active time. The tgoma system combines the best of both worlds of electronic gaming and physical activity through tgoma Fit. The tgoma system is also great for adults who are looking to track activity, reach fitness goals, and participate in events with other users around the world, sharing scores with family and friends.

Trampolines are a great way to get outside, have fun and get active. Modern springless trampolines from Springfree Trampoline which have concealed frames and a SoftEdge mat are safer than traditional designs. The addition of electronic interface systems such as the tgoma game system makes jumping interactive and more social. All of this means that when buying a safe trampoline for your family, you can bring all of the fun, excitement, and exercise that you knew as a kid in a new and improved way.