5 User-Friendly Technology Tips to Boost your Business Productivity

From the receptionists to the CEO, business productivity can be magnified by focusing on improving the user experience ... photo by CC user Evan Bench on Flickr

Unless you’re living under a rock, the mobile revolution has already brought innumerable advances to the business world. Business technology is now coming along for the ride. As businesses look for simpler, faster ways to accomplish more with less, many employees are engaged in ways including using easy-to-use apps even when they’re outside the workplace.

Your company should embrace the work versions of your employees’ technology to enhance business productivity and output. Here’s why:

1) Fewer solutions will make collaboration better

IT experts believe that when users don’t want the solutions they are provided with, they’ll look to purchase or try other technology to help them best do their job.

Let’s say your company doesn’t have a standard email service. Chances are everyone will use their preferred tool like Gmail, Ymail, Outlook, Webmail, etc.

This can cause miscommunication and gap between the team, hindering their capability to work together.Utilizing a complete business solution will help your company achieve better collaboration and output.

Moreover, using solutions that your client, partners, and employees already use will make collaborating with one another that much easier.

2) Employees can accomplish more when using the tools they want

End users ultimately use the tools that help them work faster, more efficiently and produce faster results. The more you assess their preferences, the more they will like the implemented solution.

This translates into less time for them to transition into the technology, making time for accomplishing more work with less strain.

3) IT departments gain more productivity

It is typically hard to learn a new technology, especially ones that are technical in nature. According to Logicalis study, 80 percent of IT directors and chief information officers spend half their time using low-value, nonstrategic tasks.

So it makes sense to utilize intuitive solutions that need less end-user support and training. Your IT department will then be able to work on more value-added projects.

4) The right provider will reform the business

It is understood that employees will normally use the technology supplied by their employer – if they work to make their work tasks more productive and less toxic.

Do not settle with different providers for different services, you should go with trusted suppliers who offer complete business solution, service provider like iiNet provides smart business solution that are comprehensive and personalized for businesses from home and small office to corporate and government settings.

Technology that puts usability at the forefront can result in employees’ being more prone to adopt it, and this means less time spent in complex deployments, training sessions and ramping up employees to work on better systems.

Your company gets a better return on its investment. It’s a win-win solution!

5) Happy Workers Equal a Happy Company

And that’s you! A nice salary might convince candidates to work at a company, but keeping employees happy once they are on staff is vital.

Giving employees tools they’re comfortable using can empower them to do their jobs better. This shows them that their opinions are valued and provide them with the flexibility to work on their tasks. All for the benefit of everyone.