How betting apps enhance the gambling experience

The rapid advances in technology in recent years have ensured that it’s never been easier to keep up to date with what’s going in the world.

For sports fans, in particular, the proliferation of apps has allowed them to stay constantly updated with issues affecting their favorite team or their favorite sport. There’s no longer the need to wait until you’re home for the latest sports bulletin on the TV or for the paper to drop on the mat the next morning to find out if the New York Red Bulls beat New York City FC. You now have instant access to news, stats, videos and much more on your phone, wherever you are.

Betting apps make horse racing far more exciting
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In addition to how sports coverage has expanded over the past few years, there has also been an increase in the way you can bet on sports.

Both soccer and horse racing are hugely popular from a gambling perspective, and betting companies have adapted their strategies to ensure that they can give their customers what they want in the digital age.

It’s no longer the case that you just write the name of the horse you want to win on a piece of paper and hand it in to the clerk. Sure, you can still do that, but there are now so many markets on pretty much all the major sports, that being able to use betting apps gives you what you want at your fingertips.

Apps such as the Paddy Power android app have helped to provide a much more user-friendly experience for people who want to place a bet. The apps have a wide range of features that go beyond the old school tradition of simply backing a selection to win.

One of the best recent features to have been developed is the ability to cash out on your accumulators. The feeling of backing four horses in an accumulator, seeing the first three win and then the last selection lose, leaving you with nothing, is one of the most frustrating as a punter. But with a cash out accumulator function, you can now decide to take some of your winnings after those first three horses have won rather than wait for the last horse to run.


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The other major positive from using a betting app is the ability to watch live sport action while you’re on the move, so you wouldn’t have to miss American Pharaoh’s Triple Crown win, for instance, because you’re not sat in front of the TV or your laptop. You can simply place your bet and then watch the race on your phone depending upon which betting app you’re using. The nature of horse racing as well, with races lasting one or two minutes, makes it much easier to have the functionality on the app to watch and bet at the same time.

But even sports such as soccer, which last for much longer, can still be followed via your betting app. It’s not generally the case that you can watch the live match, but there is a tracking facility which provides up-to-date statistics as the event is happening. This allows you to track the bets you’ve already placed and also potentially make new ones depending upon the data in front of you.

So, if you do enjoy combining sport and betting, then getting your hands on an app is a great way to marry the two things together.