Best Ways To Live The Modern Country Life

Living an outdoorsy, simple life has become a dream for many people, and a survey has revealed that majority of American city dwellers are thinking about moving to the countryside. According to the poll, nearly half of all adults want to move to a rural area within the country in order to have more space and freedom to do some regular life activities. Moving to less dense communities enables you to live a stress-free lifestyle, and it also gives you the opportunity to save money on your daily needs. If you’re thinking about moving away from the city, here are the best ways to live the modern country life.

Embrace your inner hunter-gatherer

Hunting and foraging had a surge in popularity last year, as more people are starting to consider self-reliance to feed themselves and their families. Moving to the countryside allows you to get closer to nature so you can hunt and forage for your own food. Embrace your inner hunter-gatherer by educating yourself on wild plants that can be added to your daily meals, and consider getting a hunting license so you can hunt game such as deer, wild turkey, or duck. Some people who move to the countryside to hone their hunting skills even go as far as buying hunting land – duck hunting land, in particular, is growing in popularity. If you’re thinking about doing the same, research duck hunting land buying tips first, as you need to choose the right habitat and pick a location near waterways to give you access to your game.

Grow your own food

Living in the country enables you to grow your own food and have access to a wide variety of fresh produce. Think about growing vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and onions in your backyard. You can also plant quick-producing fruit trees, bushes, and vines such as mulberries, peaches, lemons, figs and limes. Enjoy feasting on your harvest all year round, and consider selling some of your extra food at the local farmers market for a bit of extra income.

Exercise in nature

Living in a rural area allows you to get some exercise in nature, which has multiple benefits for your physical and mental health. Studies show that simply being in nature can lower stress and blood pressure, boost the immune system, reduce anxiety, and improve mood, so make the most out of your new countryside lifestyle by exercising outdoors. Try wild swimming in the sea, river or lake. You can also go hiking or horseback riding, or go on a cycling adventure along the lake or through the forest. Meanwhile, those who love an adrenaline rush can try canoeing, kayaking, or rock climbing. You won’t run out of new things to try to get fit in the country, and you’ll be stronger and healthier as you take on each of these outdoor fitness challenges.
Living in the countryside allows you to be self-reliant, have access to fresh and healthy food, and reconnect with nature. Try out the country lifestyle for a month or more before committing to it, and see what a difference it makes to your happiness and health.