Best March Madness teams in NCAA basketball history

March Madness is approaching, and sports fans are anxiously awaiting it. We are talking about one of the most iconic sporting events in the United States, mainly during March. PowerPlay Ontario offers Canadian players the chance to bet on NCAA basketball matches.

The NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament, known as March Madness, has been played for over eighty years (since 1939). 

The tournament takes place over several weeks; there are seven rounds in which 68 teams compete, divided along a bracket to find out who must face whom. This year, the tournament starts on March 12, so the most trusted betting sites for march madness fans are already preparing for the day that drives everyone crazy!

In this article, we will not only tell you a little bit about March Madness in general, but we will also review a little bit of history, listing the best teams that took part in this event over time. Let’s see which of the best teams participated in March Madness.

Ranking of the best March Madness teams in history

This year the Gonzaga team is the favorite since it has been undefeated so far and could be one of the eight teams that in all the history of NCAA basketball managed to win the tournament without losing any game. It is an achievement that no team has been able to accomplish since 1976; however, those that have been able to do it have earned a safe place on this list. Other groups also form part of this ranking, even though they did not win the undefeated tournament. Let’s see who they are.

North Carolina (1957)

A team that, with a lot of effort, won the tournament perfectly, going undefeated in all the games. It was the second team to achieve this feat. Known as the Tar Heels, they won the last games against Michigan State and Kansas with a three-pointer during overtime. The final was one of the best title games in the history of March Madness

UCLA (1973)

John Wooden’s team won the championship undefeated, beating Memphis in the final by 21 points.

North Carolina State (1974)

The team managed to win almost all the games, they only lost against UCLA at the beginning of the regular season, but then they beat them in the Final Four. Then they faced Marquette to win the championship at 30-1.

San Francisco (1956)

The team led by Bill Russell managed to win the championship with a perfect record, winning every game.

UCLA (1968)

Another team that won the championship under Wooden’s leadership, losing only one game against Houston, which sports fans considered the game of the century. But then they managed to reverse the result in the semi-finals, winning by 32 points.

Indiana (1976)

A team that managed to win the title without losing any game, but not only that, they also beat UCLA (which came out second at that time) by a difference of 20 points and then Michigan, in the final, by a difference of 18 points. 

Kentucky Wildcats (1996)

Most of the players on this team ended up playing in the NBA; in fact, there were nine players, which means practically the entire team. Kentucky managed to finish the season, winning almost every game, and in the conference round, they managed to go undefeated. But the most astonishing thing is that they won nearly every game by an average of more than 20 points, including the final, where they beat Syracuse 76 to 67.

UCLA (1972)

It was arguably the most incredible team in NCAA basketball history, winning every game of the season by an average of 32 points, a feat never accomplished by any other group. It was one of the many teams guided by Wooden, beating Florida State, 81-76, in the final.

Wrapping It Up

Many teams played good seasons, but only a few stood out enough to be remembered throughout history, and they were listed above. Let’s see what surprises this new championship will bring and which will be the favorite teams for sports betting.