Best 3CE Lipsticks for Nude Lovers

There was once a time where black and white were the only colors that can match anything and would still look good.

And suddenly, nude existed.

But what color is nude and why did it boom out of nowhere?

Nude is considered a color similar to our skin tone.

But before nude, the color beige and flesh existed.

It is somehow too light for some, and for others, it’s not just right for their skin tone.

Here comes nude, a color that fits most skin tones between light and brown.

No doubt, it became a hit in fashion and cosmetics.

It’s a neutral color that would look good with everything and on every occasion.

Korean beauty brands did their best to cope up with this trend.

It is known to us that Koreans paved their way to success producing great quality Korean makeup that is patronized by many.

Along with these brands, 3CE is one of the newest K-beauty brands that produces these kind products.

They offer a variety of products that would answer to your needs to achieve a Korean beauty look.

We are going to talk about some of their products that are available in nude colors that a lot of people are getting addicted to.

Let’s not hope that this list won’t make you drool!

Nude Peach ­­- Mood Recipe Face Blush

This blush is one of their best-selling shades. If you are looking for a shade that’s in between subtle and intense, then this is perfect for you.

What’s great about this blush aside from its shade is that it’s infused with sebum control powder for sweat and sebum absorption to avoid caking.

It will definitely give you a soft and natural flush finish and it’s long-lasting too.

Another shade from Mood Recipe Face Blush is Nude Peach.

This shade is great for lighter skin tones, but it also works well for darker skin tones. It is also best for those who are looking for a more subtle blush.

Comparing this to Nude Peach, this one is a bit lighter and will definitely look really natural on your skin.

This shade is perfect for your daily use.

Lippies are next in line!

Mood Recipe 2 Matte Lip Color is a highly pigmented lipstick with a creamy texture and a matte finish.

There are two shades from this series that made it on our list.

#219 Brilliant

This shade is very light and subtle.

If you are looking for an everyday use kind of shade, this is going to work well for you.

It is very natural looking and would stay on your lips for a long time. 

#220 Hit Me Up

This shade is a bit darker than the first one.

This is really nice for those who want to achieve a more sophisticated look while keeping it simple and natural.

If you are in the mood to give off a more intense look, this could be a wise choice for you.

The last of 3CE’s Mood Recipe Series we are going to talk about is the Multi Eye Color Palette.

This palette is available in 3 types, while every palette consists of 9 earthy shades in matte and shimmery finish.

#Smoother is the palette you would want to use on a daily basis. It contains bronzers and highlighters that would help you be the contour master you want to be.

Your daily look will definitely go big with this.

Unfortunately, this does not come with any shimmery shades.

#Plot Twist is a must for a classy or elegant look but not too intense.

This palette is perfect for every use, for daily look, work look, or even for a special occasion. You can never go wrong with this.

You will surely look captivating when you use this palette.

#Overtake falls a bit on the rosy side but it is one of the brand’s best-selling palettes.

This is great to use if you want to achieve a bolder look and can also be used on any occasion.

You can experiment on your own or even practice with these palettes as they are really easy to blend making it a beginner friendly.


Honestly, having nude colors on your closet and makeup collection should be a must. Being confident that you have colors that would match anything and is suitable for any occasion is a big relief.

Obtaining these kinds of products from the right brands, like 3CE, will make your life a bit easier. It may be expensive at times but consider it as your investment too.

Let us know what you think about this list!