Basic Lessons to Teach Your Kids to Use the Internet

There are plenty of things you need to teach your child. For instance, you need to teach the basics of English such as alphabets before they can write or spell words. Similarly, when they grow up, they need to know the basics of sitting behind the wheel in order to drive a car.

Internet is not an exception. You need to teach some basics before handing over the device to your kid. If you are worried about your children being exposed to sensitive or inappropriate content, there are plenty of ways to deal with it. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

You Don’t have to Make Everyone Happy

Your kid might be sensitive and want to make everyone happy. It is good in the real world but on the digital side, it may prove to be harmful. There are plenty of people who would like the sympathies and ask for something that is inappropriate. Make sure to talk to your child about what is being said online is not always true. Especially, when it comes to social media, you have to be vigilant and track every activity they perform. You never know when a predator or molester attack your kid.

It’s Not Always Your Mistake

There is plenty of content available online that is inappropriate for the kids. Some of them can be accessed intentionally, while others can be seen without even clicking the link. They are in the form of popup or advertisement that appears out of nowhere. Teach your child that if you have come across such material, just speak the truth.

You don’t have to tell a lie. Be friendly with them and if possible, just install FamilyTime App to track their activities, block apps and set screen time. You can also track their messages as well as a location through parental monitoring app.

Internet is Good but Not in Excess

Most of the parents have a strict stance on staying online. However, it is not possible for anyone to stay away from it as it is the biggest source of information. Tell your kids that it is good to use the internet for work and entertainment purpose. However, using it excessively will result in addiction and affects health.

If you have given permission to kids to use the internet, and avoid excess screen time, install Parental Monitoring App in order to control screen time. Especially, when kids are doing homework or going for sleep, screen time app will help you block the usage of smart devices.

 Allow them but Restrict them As Well

If you have given freedom to use the internet in your absence, you need to set rules and guidelines for specific things. For instance, if they want to purchase a toy or a gadget from Amazon, don’t allow them to purchase it without your presence. Ask them if they want to purchase anything online, they are not allowed to use a credit card without your presence and approval. In this way, you won’t find any credit card transaction that wasn’t known to you.