accessibility overlay and Your Company

Since the start of the pandemic, the number of websites has risen dramatically. All around the world, everything was shut down and many businesses faced a choice – get an online presence, or close down. The internet has been important in keeping businesses, and indeed the economies of countries, afloat during this time. But all this increase in websites, while being a positive step, has created a problem for many. Those who have a disability that affects them being able to use the internet have found there are more sites that they cannot access. With businesses feeling the pressure just to get online, a lot have overlooked the need for accessibility for the disabled. If this is you, a quick fix to this is to use an accessibility overlay on your website. 

What does it mean to have an accessible website?

To have an accessible website means making sure that a disabled person can access any page, or part, of your website, just like everybody else. There are a lot of different ways that this can happen as there are many disabilities and many ways that they affect people. For example, a person may struggle to see colours or process images with certain colours used. While we’re not suggesting that you remove colour from your website, there are things that can be done to help, like using stronger colour contrasts. Another person may struggle, or find it impossible, to use a mouse. So, by making your whole website accessible using only the keyboard could make all the difference to them. Still, someone else might live with a hearing impairment and would benefit from subtitles on any videos. Making sure all of these, and any other obstacles a disabled person may face, are fixed on your site, makes your site accessible.

How can accessibility overlay help?

As there are so many different adjustments that may need to be made to a website, you could understandably be concerned that you may not be able to fix them all. This is where an accessibility overlay takes all those concerns away. It will scan through your code and find any potential accessibility issues, and then when it detects them, it will automatically fix them. And as amazing as this is, it is a cheap option. It is also fast and could make your website accessible in a matter of days. There are many benefits to using an accessibility overlay so get started to day if your website isn’t yet accessible.