A Double Storey House Design Right For You?

Are you looking at building a home? Whether you’re going for something simple, or something luxurious, you’ll still need to make a choice between single or double storey house designs. If you’ve never lived in a double storey, this could be something that you have dreamt of. Although double storey living offers some immense benefits, it may not be ideal for every homeowner.

If you are someone that is looking at getting house plans made soon and can’t decide whether to incorporate a double storey or not, this article is definitely for you!

As experts in double storey house designs in Sydney, the team at Kurmond Homes know which factors should help you determine your decision. We have created custom designs for dozens of single storey and double storey homes and know the ins and outs of each option. If you’re thinking about investing in designing and building a double storey home, here are a few things to think about!


The Advantages of a Double Storey House


  • The view- One of the greatest things about double storeys is the extra height that they give you, allowing you to enjoy views from your master bedroom. This is particularly wonderful if you live in a beautiful, natural environment. Having an upstairs balcony from which you can enjoy the view will definitely bring value to your home and everyday lifestyle.
  • More garden space- When you make use of more vertical space, you have more land to work with. This is why double storeys are great for small property owners or property owners that want to make the most out of their gardens and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Aesthetics- There is something aesthetically appealing about most double storey homes. You could go for quaint or grand. And there are certain features, such as balcony and staircases, that only double storey homes allow you to enjoy.
  • Privacy- Double storey builds do offer privacy within the home as guest bedrooms can be separated by an entire floor, giving your guests or teenage children the privacy that they’re after.


The Disadvantages Of A Double Storey House


  • The price- Double storeys are known to be quite a lot more expensive than single storeys. That being said, it is often not exorbitantly more, and if you have your heart set on a double storey, it should not be the costs that throw you off. That being said, electrical and maintenance costs for double storeys are also often more than single storeys.
  • Building approvals- In certain areas and estates, you need to obtain certain building approvals for building a double storey home.
  • Neighbours- Picky neighbours may not like the idea of you being able to peer into their yard.
  • Maintenance- Things like washing windows and cleaning the exterior of your home on the second storey may prove to be difficult.


Consider The Needs Of Your Family


Double storey homes are often not as popular for family units that have very young children or elderly people. Stairs can be very difficult for elderly residents to get up and down, and stairs can pose a danger to young children. Think about the needs and lifestyle of your family and who will be living in the home before coming to a decision.


Remember that Double Storey House Designs Can be Customised.


When you’re dealing with an experienced and reputable house design company, your double storey house plans can be completely customised! All your traditional ideas of double storey homes can be completely thrown out the window (unless that’s what you’re looking for). A modern home designer should be able to open your eyes up to the extensive range of possibilities these homes have to offer and ways double storey house plans can be completely customised to meet your unique needs.


When discussing your needs with your home builder of choice, they should also be able to advise you as to whether a double storey or single storey home would best suit your needs.


So, Are you looking for a company that can provide you with a double storey house design in Sydney? Kurmond Homes custom designs any of their new home and floor plans to include customer ideas. We can also provide a quote for home design plans. Get in touch with us today!