7 places to visit that should be on your bucket list

Everyone is starting to dream of travelling again.  Below we look at some of the places and adventures that are awaiting you.  The world is preparing itself for travel, post-Covid.    Should you return to the places that you know and love or perhaps it is time to try something completely new.

Perhaps now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and be a little more adventurous.  We know that you have ventured into other new interesting areas like trying out an Intertops mobile casino but most of us have been in the same place and situation for more than a year now.   Maybe it’s time to spread your wings and try something new.  Who knows what the future will bring, so best to try something that you would otherwise not do.

Below are 7 places that you may not have considered visiting but are definitely worth making the trip.

Castles in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a landlocked country, located between France, Germany and Belgium.  It is a very small country that is probably not on your radar.  This could be just the place you need to visit.

Luxembourg is a fairytale country, with its many castles and fortresses.   Not only are there many quaint towns to visit but also busy cities with museums and many cultural festivals to enjoy.   The country is also known as The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is truly a place overflowing with natural beauty.  Fabulous lakes and towering mountains await you, along with the magic of the fairytale castles and fortresses.

Isolated beaches in Belize

Belize is a little- known destination.   A tiny country filled with all kinds of opportunities for adventure. Belize is in central America located on the Caribbean Sea.   Those dreaming of getting back to nature and seeking out places of natural beauty will not be disappointed.  Belize is a country truly untouched, full of vegetation and fauna.   For those looking for adventure as well as opportunities to see the various ecosystems there is scuba diving and snorkeling.

You can explore the marine life and caves and see the history and the many archeological finds. You can also make your way up to the many lookout points where the views are breathtaking.   However, a visit to Belize is not complete without a visit to the Great Blue Hole.  This is considered the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere. It is around 1,050 feet in diameter and 400 feet deep.   This is the place to swim and dive and even take a helicopter tour of the area.

The vibrant streets of Tunisia

If you enjoy travelling to places like Greece and other Mediterranean locations, then you will certainly love Tunisia.   Tunisia, a small Northern African country, is situated on the southern coast of the Mediterranean and is just waiting for your visit.   In Tunisia you will experience influences of both French and Islamic traditions. Everywhere you turn you will find ancient ruins and archaeological finds and artifacts that will inspire and amaze you. Consider also that Tunisia is in the north of Africa and therefore is actually in the Sahara Desert adding some extra mystery to the country.

Tunis, which is the capital city of Tunisia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Visiting Tunis is a must. It’s a beautiful city located on the water, full of interesting architecture, museums and inviting cafes to sit and enjoy the atmosphere.


Ecuador is a fascinating place, located in northwestern South America. To the north is Columbia and to the east, Peru.   Ecuador offers a glut of cultural, historical and natural sites to be explored and it should be on everyone’s radar.   A trip to Ecuador will leave you hungry for more.   Being at the center of the world, with the equator running straight through it, is a definite attraction and forever amazes those who visit.

A visit to the Mitad del Mundo, literally “The Middle of the Earth” is a major attraction.   Here, you can experience the world’s magnetic pull.  Standing on the equator you will find that you actually weigh less! This might come in handy, as you’ll feel more able to enjoy all the delicious foods available. Not to mention that you can visit the exact place where the northern hemisphere meets the southern hemisphere, and place one foot in each.  Quite a photo to post on Instagram.

There are other interesting places worth a visitor, other than the equator.  Mount Chimborazo, actually higher than Mount Everest -from land, rather than sea, Yasuni Park, a place which is considered to have one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world and Galapagos Island where it is said that Darwin started his journey towards his theory of evolution.


You have probably never heard of Tuvalu. But it is a place you should definitely get to know.   It is located in the Polynesian region of the South Pacific.    It is all of 10 square miles of land is made of atolls and three small islands.  There are approximately 12,000 people on Tuvalu and it is part of the commonwealth and therefore Queen Elizabeth is Tuvalu’s monarch.

Visiting Tuvalu, you will be in awe of the vivid culture that welcomes you.   Staying in the few lodges and guesthouses, that are often family run businesses, will make you feel so at home that you will not want to leave. The country is so tiny that there are actually only a handful these lodges to choose from.  This is truly a magical and unique place to visit.  It may not have the usual tourist attractions that one is used to but a visit here is truly an experience that you will not forget.   It is stepping “off the grid” and entering into a simple but magical world. You will be discovering something new.

Visiting the wildlife Zambia

Zambia is in Southern Africa and is likely to be everything you ever dreamed of when thinking about visiting Africa.    The wildlife is of course a big draw for anyone wishing to do a safari.     Zamia is both simple and at the same time completely extraordinary.   Visiting Zambia is simply “getting back to nature”. The extraordinary range of wildlife and ecosystems will amaze you and remind you how we are connected to nature and how much we also need to protect the nomadic wildlife.

Another incredible sight to witness is the natural bat migration that takes place, a truly stunning spectacle. A visit to the Zambezi river and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls.

However, the wildlife is not the only attraction.  Zambia also has over 70 different ethnic groups living in the country.  All these different groups live alongside each other with their own traditions and customs.   When visiting Zambia, you can share some of their festivals and gatherings and experience life as they know it.


Vietnam is not only for backpackers and those taking a year out between school and university.   Many people think of war when the name Vietnam is spoken, and they have come through difficult times, but the place is not at all what you would expect.   There is just so much to see and experience and it is easy to do.  You can travel easily from one end of the country to the other and have an adventure packed vacation.

There is just so much to see. You can visit the city of Ho Chi Minh and the Cu Chi Tunnels and then head on to the incredible beaches of Nha Trang.   From here you can head to the town of Hoi An and after to Sapa, a rice village in the north where you will be sure to have a more traditional experience. Last, but not least, a visit to Hanoi which is considered one of the most vibrant capital cities in the whole of Asia.