6 Reasons Why a Kayaking Tour Is An Awesome Idea

Kayaking is both a sport and leisure activity that is becoming increasingly more popular in Australia. You could buy or hire a kayak and go on a solo adventure, or you could join a group of people for organised kayaking tours.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some reasons why kayaking tours are an awesome idea and why you might want to consider booking in for one (or more) fun tours. 

#1 – Paddling Is a Fantastic Way To Get Fit

Any form of exercise is good. Paddling a kayak, whether briskly or in a leisurely manner, will burn up calories as well as tone muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs. Overall, it’s a great workout for the upper body.

Regular kayaking tours will get you fit and keep you fit and trim your body fat over time, so if you’re looking for a new and fun form of exercise, consider signing on for a kayaking tour. 

#2 – Explore New Places From a Different Perspective

One really cool thing about travelling to a destination by water is you not only get to see things on land from a different perspective, but you can also journey to regions that may not be accessible by land.

Beach your kayak in a secluded cove, or paddle out to a rocky outcrop offshore. There are numerous locations where a kayak can readily take you and the journey will be a nonstop adventure. 

#3 – Meet New People and Make New Friends

When you book in for an organised kayaking tour, you’ll be mingling with like-minded people who are also out for adventure and fun. Chances are, you’ll forge some new friendships through your shared kayaking adventure tours.

These friendships might spill over into other activities, where you can get together to socialise, or even organise your own adventure tours, whether it be kayaking or something else altogether. You can never have too many good friends who share common interests. 

#4 – Kayaking Tours Are Loads Of Fun

The ultimate goal of embarking on an organised kayaking tour with guides and a group of people is to simply have fun. Getting out on the water, enjoying the serenity and a sense of adventure, travelling to new and interesting locations, all adds up for a fun morning or an entire day out. Maybe even a tour that spans several days.

Why spend your spare time staying indoors watching TV or simply being bored, when you can join a cool kayaking tour and have some fun in the great outdoors?

#5 – There Are Many Tours To Choose From

Not only are there quite a few kayaking tour operators all across Australia, but each group will also offer up a variety of tours to various destinations. There are tours to suit every fitness level. Some are a leisurely, easy paddle that might be a total of around 3 hours there and back, with a break in between. Other tours might be an all-day event, where you take a break at a secluded location and enjoy lunch and a swim.

Some tour operators will also conduct kayaking adventures that include an overnight stay or even several nights. Obviously, the longer the tour, the fitter the paddler will need to be, so if it’s your first time, you’ll want to opt for a short tour and build your way up to the longer, more adventurous kayaking journeys. 

#6 – If You Enjoy Photography, a Kayaking Tour Is For You

What better way to find new photography opportunities than a kayaking tour to interesting and unique destinations. If you’re a photography enthusiast, take your camera along and snap off some cool shots of your tour group and the new surroundings you encounter along the way.

Each tour will give you numerous opportunities to add great pics to your collection. 

Find a Kayaking Tour In Your Area

To discover kayaking tour groups in your area, simply do a search online. For example, if you’re in Sydney, try searching for:

Simply substitute Sydney with your area to locate tours in your vicinity. No matter where you’re located, you’ll likely find a local tour group that’s not too far away.

Get out and enjoy everything this wonderful country has to offer with a unique kayaking experience.