5 Ways Technology is Transforming the Job of School Counselors

Technology is changing the face of every industry and school counseling is no exception. While counseling remains focused on human interaction, the latest technology is giving school counselors new ways to communicate with students and share experiences with their professional community. In this article, we’ll take a look at five new trends in school counseling that have been brought about by new technologies.


1. Digital Counseling

Digital counseling is opening a world of possibilities, from apps that help counselors to assess a student’s strengths and challenges to college application software that lets parents, students, and counselors select the best school for prospective students.

Aspiring counselors can also use the internet to complete an online counseling degree like the Regis College masters of counseling online program as they prepare for a rewarding career.

2. The Power of Mobile

The days when counselors had to take notes by hand – or rely on their memory – during one-on-one sessions and classroom visits are finally over. Mobile devices allow counselors to record their observations quickly and accurately, updating students’ counseling records in real time and planning follow up sessions for maximum impact. Students can also make use of mobile apps to record their progress in academic, athletic, and personal development and discuss their challenges during counseling sessions using concrete examples from their daily lives.

3. Blogging for Success

School counselors face a multitude of challenges in their daily work and there’s nothing better than a dynamic blog to share experiences and reach out to the counseling community for advice and motivation. School counseling issues affect students, parents, schools, and society at large – and the more ideas and shared experiences counselors have access to, the better they will meet these challenges.

4. Social Media Opens New Doors

The hashtag #scchat has made it possible for school counselors across the country (and globally) to share their experiences on a variety of social media platforms. From sharing motivational quotes and articles on Twitter to posting videos and updating their networks on Facebook and LinkedIn, counselors are embracing social media as a professional networking tool and information source.

5. Student Assessments Made Easy

Testing and assessment of students is a key aspect of every school counselors job – and technology is a valuable partner in this process. From online assessment tools that test students’ academic and emotional progress to exercises and study aids that boost their chances of admission to the college of their choice, technology offers a wealth of resources to students and counselors alike. Test results can be stored safely and student progress is easy to track using digital testing technology, helping counselors to help students achieve their goals.


The huge variety of technology that is available to counselors today is having a major impact on the way students are prepared for college and success in their adult lives. As school counselors turn to digital tools to boost their productivity and enhance their skills and knowledge, their time is freed up to focus on what they do best – working with students.