5 Top Reasons for Choosing an Electric Car

Are you uncertain if electric transport suits your needs? So-called range anxiety is a common phenomenon and considered to be the main barrier to large scale adoption of all-electric cars. 

Unfortunately, oil deposits will eventually run dry and we’ll have to come to terms with the electric future. In an attempt to change your mindset, we present our top 5 reasons for choosing an electric car. 

1. Reduce Negative Impact on Climate

Electric vehicles reduce local air pollution and noise. In addition, it has zero greenhouse gas emissions, assuming the electric power comes from renewable sources like the sun, wind, and water. 

This does not mean that electric cars are completely carbon neutral, which is a common misconjunction. 

2. Cheap to Operate

The electric motor found in electric vehicles is energy efficient, using only a third of the energy compared to petrol and diesel cars with an internal combustion engine. That means it’s cheap to operate. With an average consumption of 2 kWh every 6 miles, you’ll save about €50 cent running on electricity compared to gasoline or diesel.  

3. Cheap to Buy

Well, this is a claim with modifications. An electric car is not necessarily cheaper than petrol or diesel cars, although you can get a practical city cruiser for a fair price. Nowadays, you can also buy decent used electric cars, which will leave you neither bankrupt nor stranded due to poor battery capacity.

What we mean to say is, getting a car loan for an electric or hybrid is cheaper than getting a regular car loan. Many lenders offer so-called green loans at their lowest interest rates, exclusively for those buying electric or hybrid cars. 

4. Bask in Local Incentives

Many countries encourage purchases of electric vehicles by offering local incentives. Depending on where you’re located, you might enjoy the benefit of:

  • Free parking
  • Free charging
  • Driving in bus lanes
  • No toll tax
  • No VAT or leasing-fee
  • Free ferry passage

Currently, Norway is one of the leading countries when it comes to electric cars, with more than half of new car sales in 2019 being electric. The demand is so high, dealerships are struggling to import enough vehicles. Norway is also a leading country in issuing incentives to electric car buyers, making Norway an economical and practical place to drive electric cars.  

5. Better Driving Experience

Electric cars are equipped with high-tech gear, making the driving experience very pleasurable. Acceleration and deceleration are surprisingly fast and smooth and noise levels are reduced to a minimum. In total, the driving experience is simply better and more comfortable when you’re in an electric car compared to a car with a petrol or diesel engine.