5 Extraordinary Breguet Watch Collections You Should Know

Breguet is a very old watchmaker, with over two centuries of expertise in the field. It is a well-known brand that attracts attention in the world of watch collecting, particularly in the world of ultra-exclusive timepieces. They are one of the few remaining iconic 18th-century watchmakers, and they are also one of the longest-running.

A watchmaker’s credibility in the public’s eye is often ascribed, including celebrity endorsements, as is the case with most consumer items. Breguet has had people in high places who own and proudly wear their watches. Politicians, business giants, aristocrats, well-known artists, actors, and performers were among those. However, when that reputation is perceived by serious horologists and those who understand the craft, there’s more to entertain than just who’s donning your product. For them, prestige is intimately associated with the complexity of their watchmaking expertise and the amount of contribution they have made to the age-old craft of craftsmanship.

The Breguet Contributions in Watchmaking

Breguet has made numerous significant contributions to the watchmaking industry. Breguet created the Perpétuelle, the first automatic self-winding watch. At the very least, is the most widely credited watchmaker for introducing this feature to the watch industry. They are also known for creating the tourbillon complication, which is one of the most remarkable mechanisms found on a high-end timepiece. It is used to counteract the effects of gravity on the movement of a watch. Consequently, Breguet Watches are both functional and sophisticated, with lots to offer.

Precision and Accuracy

Many artisans, including many luxury watchmakers, send their calibers to third-party labs to obtain a COSC certificate and a chronometer designation, indicating that they have the least accuracy of -4/+6 minutes per day. For a mechanical watch, this is regarded as good precision and brings a layer of prestige.

Breguet, on the other hand, does not send its calibers to the COSC for certification and instead performs its precision testing. The 7727, an ultra high-beat mechanical watch that beats at 10Hz and is asserted to be no less precise than +1/-2 seconds per day, is made by this watch company.

Breguet Watch Collections

1.      Classique

If you’re searching for a watch that illustrates the most sophisticated technology stored inside premium quality materials like gold and platinum cases, the Breguet Classique collection is a great place to start. Its vintage wristwatch design makes keeping track of time both simple and fashionable. The black leather strap and silver dial of the Breguet Classique Automatic watch, for example, will look great beneath the sleeve of a smart shirt at the office. It doesn’t have a date aperture, but it does have a small seconds dial at 5:30 that is slightly off-center.

2.      Heritage

Breguet’s Heritage watch collection, which lacks a traditional round case, can add something extraordinary and quirky to the wrist. Breguet Heritage watches, despite their distinctive curved tonneau-shaped case, can portray the time beautifully and elegantly. This version offers a case made of Breguet’s exquisite 18ct rose gold and stretched Roman numerals that conform to the case’s characteristics. This Breguet watch has an inner minute ring and a small second dial, making it an attractive model to add to an impressive array.

3.      Marine

Breguet Marine watches have a diving-inspired elegance, but what makes the collection so remarkable is Breguet’s choice of case materials, such as this 18ct rose gold. Its 100-meter water resistance allows you to shower while wearing it without fear of ruining the 583Q/1 movement inside. It’s easy to see why Breguet is so well-known for the renowned manufacture of their in-house developed movements, as this engine contains 311 individual manually-assembled elements.

4.      Reine de Naples

Breguet’s Reine de Naples collection is titled after the company’s first wristwatch for royalty. The bracelet watch for Bonaparte’s sister Caroline, Queen of Naples, was developed by A. L Breguet and took years to complete. The collection now contains some of the company’s most opulent, diamond-encrusted timepieces, each with its own stretched Roman numerals and oval-shaped case, giving each wristwatch a truly distinctive appearance.

5.      Tradition

Breguet’s Tradition watches pay homage to the company’s history and the time-honored manufacturing methods that have brought the company so much achievement. Each timepiece in the collection combines the company’s history with a vision for the future. The dial of the Tradition Automatic openwork watch in 18ct rose gold shows a slice of Breguet’s manufacturing. The main timekeeping dial is a deep silver guilloche textured off-center dial with the iconic Roman numeral hour markers and blued steel hands. A retrograde seconds dial is housed beneath an anti-reflective sapphire glass lens at the unordinary site of 10 o’clock.


With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder that Breguet is regarded as one of the most well-known and successful brands in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Breguet is ranked 6th in the world of Swiss watches in terms of brand recognition, indicating that it is a worthwhile and well-respected brand.