5 Brand Communication Techniques To Strengthen Your Brand

The task of deciding which communication style is right for your brand can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be. 

To shed some light on how to improve your brand communication, here are five techniques to consider when speaking through your brand

Live and Breathe Your USP

When distilled, the core of all brand communication must echo your brand’s Unique Sales Proposition or USP. Brand communications agencies are experts in identifying what uniquely distinguishes you from your competitors is what ultimately will lead to you winning business over the competition, so communicating the essence of your brand’s individuality is vital. 

Through digital technology, communication has become cheap, though your target market’s attention hasn’t, if anything the attention your brand is given to communicate directly to your audience has reduced, so make every moment count by communicating your USP at its core. 

Diversify your Web Content

Far too often when producing content for their website do businesses default to short and simple blog posts to create engaging content for their customers and clients. Whilst blog posts have their place, there’s an expanse of different content types businesses can create to communicate. 

To cut through and reach your customers, text-based content alone isn’t enough. Whilst at times an expensive option, video content is a must in the 2020s through podcasts also serve as highly engaging long-form media content to communicate as a brand. Compared to video content, podcasts can also be a low-cost way to produce media yet allow you to communicate directly to customers by asking for direct engagement through call-ins and questions. 

Personalise your Email Marketing

In a sea of brands bidding for your attention, personalisation is the key to breaking through the noise. This is the reason Starbucks writes your name on the cup rather than giving you an automatically generated order number, it appeals to our human psychology of valuing individuality. 

It’s a given that a brand will communicate personably when speaking directly, though personalising eDM communications can dramatically improve sales. Whilst only 39% of online retailers send personalised emails (source: Certona), emails with Klean Leads your personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened and deliver transaction rates 6 times higher. 

Personalising your brand’s EDM doesn’t have to go as far as individually crafting emails tailored to each customer, simply running a script to include the recipient’s first name in the subject line can lead to an increase in sale.

Embrace Transparency

In 1961 the Advertising Standards Authority UK outlined four traits all ads should be: honest, decent, legal, truthful. Whilst these traits remain important, for your brand to thrive in the 21st century you’ll need to embrace another trait: transparency.

Modern consumers are wiser than ever to when they’re being marketed to and seek out companies that align with their political and personal beliefs; and to 70% of consumers hearing how a business impacts society, our health, the environment, and safety dictates who they do business with. Through the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen that businesses who operate transparently, disclosing their interests and goals become the leaders in their industries, 85% of people stating they’re likely to stick with a business during a crisis, internal or external if it has a history of transparency. It’s clear maintaining transparency with your customers will lead to better long-term sales.

Create Conversations to Engage

Communicating through official channels is one thing, though communicating directly and personally through direct channels with customers is the best way to strongly communicate your brand. Opening personal dialogues through social media direct messages, email, or even in person will allow you to personalise how you communicate to tailor your services and leave a lasting impression. 

Fostering a friendly communication strategy so customers feel comfortable reaching out is important, though the first step is to Keep as many channels of direct communication a customer can use to reach you, be it over the phone or through email, direct message, website chatbots or others. 

Fostering a strong voice for your brand through communication techniques is vital, so get out there and craft your brand’s voice! 


Author Bio:

Jack Shepherdson:

With a love of advertising and branding, Jack Shepherdson is uberbrand’s Digital Coordinator. Experienced across the digital landscape, Jack specialises in producing digital campaigns and projects.