Top Tips For Your First Casino Trip 

Last year I went to a casino for the very first time, my buddy took me after I admitted to him that I had never been and I had an absolute whale of a time. The reason why I had never been in the past was probably though fear, they can be quite intimidating places after all. Thankfully my buddy decided to go with my and took me to the fantastic Bicycle Hotel and Casino in California. This place was incredible and it features one of the biggest casino floors in the country. From the moment I walked into the casino, I knew I’d enjoy myself, and that is exactly what I did. If you haven’t been to a casino yet, here is what you need to know before you go.

Fun Over Money

Winning money give you an incredible thrill but in truth, your MO of visiting a casino should really be more about having fun. Those people who sit on the tables all night, trying to make enough to pay off their debts, are not having fun, quite the opposite in fact. This is not to say that you shouldn’t gamble, you absolutely should, but keep it light hearted and with no pressure if you want to have the best possible time.

Money Management

Make sure that you have agreed a limit with yourself for how much money you can afford to lose, this will help you decide how much to take into the casino. Naturally you will hope not to lose anything but if you do lose it all, you want to be in a position where you can laugh it off. Once you have decided how much you’ll spend, make sure that this is all that you take into the casino. Far too often people lose money, and then can’t accept it so they gamble more to recoup their losses, and then lose even more.

Get Comfortable

Drinks and food aren’t always cheap in a casino but if you are sat at a table, you will very often have complimentary food and drinks brought to the table for you. Doing this means that all you will pay is the waiter’s or waitress’ tip. You don’t have to pick a high roller table to do this either, you can pick a low stakes table and still get some complimentary refreshments.

Know When To Leave

One of the hardest things about going to a casino, is knowing when to leave, if you’re winning you’ll want to win more, if you are losing you’ll want to recoup your losses. The best way to decide this is to either set a time when you will leave, set a limit to how much you will win, or set your limit for how much you will lose before leaving. Make sure that you are strong and that you leave at the time that you have agreed.