Have you been admiring cats over the internet recently, or are you following a lot of cat pages on your social media to see their cute videos? Seeing those videos, you must feel in awe of their cuteness and playfulness. The videos you see over the internet captures only the cuteness and make it look easy to have a pet. As a person who has never kept a pet and want to get one, you will need to know a lot more than the videos you see. Having a pet is not that difficult, but knowing exactly how to take care of them and their other needs are the challenge.

If you have already decided that you are going to get a cat as your pet, then you might also consider making some subtle changes in your lifestyle. Before you can get your cat, you will need to get some essentials such as food bowls, food, and some toys. You will also need to put your medicines or other chemicals closed in a cabinet and be vigilant with the electric appliances. 

One of the necessities that you need to have before you can bring your cat home is the litter box. You can ask your pet shop to give you a dust-free cat litter box. Having such a litter box will also keep your pet healthy and away from asthma.

Besides looking for a litter box, here are other tips and tricks that you must know as a first-time pet owner.


Just like a newborn baby needs protective vaccinations to fight the diseases, pet also needs protective treatments. Cats are more prone to respiratory viruses, rabies, and feline distemper. If you have bought a cat, then the first thing you need to do is to get it to your local vet for shots. Your veterinary doctor can guide you about the core and non-core vaccines and guide you to keep your pet healthy.


Many cats cannot sense when their stomach is full. If you let your cat eat as much as it wants, it may lead to overfeeding and upset stomach. Suppose you notice that you cannot stop eating, better to set a routine. Pour the minim cat food in the bowl, enough to fill the tummy. You can ask your vet to guide you about the food portions that will be sufficient to feed your cat.


If you are going to welcome a cat for the first time in your house, be aware of the fact that they will leave scratches everywhere. If you don’t want your cat to scratch the furniture, then invest in a scratching post. Besides having a scratching post, if it leaves a mark on your furniture, you can make a spray with a teaspoon of cinnamon and ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a spray bottle full of water. The cats do not like the smell of these two ingredients. You can spray it on the furniture to keep the cats away.


Cats can get pregnant as early as in four or six months. If you do not want your cat to breed and have more kittens, consider spaying or neutering your cat. Spaying your pet will help in controlling the animal population. You can get your cat spayed after eight weeks by fixing an appointment with the vet.


Even though you are using a cat litter, but it also needs regular cleaning. Try to clean it every other day to remove the clumps and keep it free for your kitty. Your cat will not use the litter box if it is not cutting out any space. It is best to change the cat litter after two weeks. Keeping the litter box clean helps your cat to stay healthy and away from any urinary tract infection.


When you bring a new pet to your home, it is already scared of a new environment and people. Pets usually take time to explore the house and know that they are in a safe place. If you are excited to cuddle your cat and it is hissing back at you, do not worry, but give it time. Let your cat know that you are not going to hurt it, and they can trust you. Let them roam around to explore your home to feel comfortable.


Owning a cat is more like having a perfect partner. If you are going to adopt a cat, do some research about cats and their breeds. Every cat breed has a different nature and behaves differently. You can search for a kind that can adjust to your house environment. To get perfect fur baby, visiting your nearby animal shelter can guide you best to which cat is shy, which is moody, and who can be all cuddly with you. Once you understand your cat and it understands you, it can be your best friend forever.