The Swimwear Your Kids Need This Summer

Summer usually comes with the special preparation that’s peculiar to summer alone. It’s time to bring out all the gorgeous strapless dresses, tank tops and bikinis! It’s also a great time to reward the kids with fun outings after a fantastic school year.

At the top of our list of fun things for kids in the summer is swimming – at the pool, beach, waterfall, etc. You don’t want summer catching you unprepared, so while you may have other things like sunglasses and sunscreen, here are the swimwear your kids need this summer:


Swimsuits or bodysuits are the onesies of swimming and have designs for girls, some for boys and some entirely unisex. Although they’re fitted, they’re comfortable, easy to wear, and can come in long sleeves, short sleeves, or even frills. Some of them cover up to the neck for kids who want to be fully covered. The beautiful thing about bodysuits is that you don’t have to worry about how to pair them. Most stores sell colorful, cartoon themed or animal-themed bodysuits for kids, so you can easily find one that isn’t boring.

Swim Towels

Swim towels are different from regular towels and are designed to be more absorbent, softer and larger than a regular towel. From hooded cartoon-themed towels to bunny-eared animal-themed towels to Dinoski poncho towels to tie and dye towels, swim towel designs for kids are becoming creatively fun. The key to finding the perfect towel is to look for super absorbent and non-itchy fabrics that your kids can also lounge in after drying up if need be. 


Are you thinking about twinning with your baby girl? Pretty colored bikinis or two-pieces are the way to go! There are underwire bikini tops available, either padded or not padded, depending on your kid’s comfort. The longline bikini tops are also another kid-friendly design, and with the progression of trends and styles, there are now tie-front bikini tops for kids. Even when twinning with your kids, remember to pick colors and designs that are kid-friendly.


As the name implies, Rashguards are swimwear for kids that prevent them from developing rashes from playing in the sand all day. You could buy rash vests that fully cover the hands and neck or rash vests and spandex leggings to protect the body entirely. These choices can vary based on your child’s skin sensitivity.

Swim shorts

Like other types of swimwear mentioned so far, swim shorts for boys also come in lovely prints, colors and themes. While most boys may want to show up in simple briefs, dressing them in fun swim shorts and vest is cool too! You don’t always need matching swimwear for boys – you can buy separate tops and separate bottoms that allow you the flexibility to combine them creatively for different swimming outings.

New swimwear for you and the kids is always a great way to get in the mood for summer. So, this summer, say no to boring swimwear for the kids and say yes to fun, animal-themed, cartoon-themed, eco-friendly swimwear.