The Best Products for Home Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that many children across the globe underwent home-schooling, meaning that parents had to find innovative ways to educate children and keep them engaged. Millions of parents found this challenging and dread the notion of a COVID outbreak in school that would mean home-schooling would once again be necessary. However, provisions can be put in place so that the threat of home-schooling wouldn’t seem so daunting. There is a multitude of academic toys on the market so that children can simultaneously learn and feel entertained. So, what do you need to be ordering to make the most of home learning?

Wipe Boards

Wipe boards are a great way of encouraging your child to interact and are available from all manner of online retailers, including Simply Glass Wipe Boards. Whether you ask math questions or read out words to spell, this will challenge your child and make them feel as though they’re in an actual lesson. This is much more exciting than simply writing in a notebook as it almost feels like a challenge, introducing some novelty into the process. You can even provide your child with a variation of colored pens to make the writing appear as more exciting on the board.

Flash Cards

From languages to scientific terminology, flash cards are an effective means of learning what certain words means. Through the use of colorful letters and fun pictures, you can be sure that your child is taking in everything that’s being taught via the flash cards. Another great revision technique is to have your child create their own flash cards so that they take in the information as they’re getting creative. This way, you can be sure that they’re actually absorbing the information rather than simply reading it. You can even test them on the flash cards to turn studying into a fun game. 


When working out math problems, it’s greatly helpful to have a visual aid, no matter how old you are. If your child is presented with the likes of 8+9, they can easily count along on an abacus to get to the answer. Although this is what was being used long before the invention of calculators, it’s a great learning tool for young children. This is even more effective if it’s decorated in bright colors as this is more appealing to the eye, and makes the abacus appear as a toy rather than a counting device. 

Toy Clock

Telling the time can be tricky and with digital clocks growing in popularity, more and more children are failing to learn. However, with the help of a toy clock, your child can move the hands around the clock in learning how to tell the time. You can simply shout out times that your child will then have to replicate on the clock. Otherwise, you can move the hands and ask your child what time the clock is displaying. This will make learning the time more interactive and make the information easier to absorb. 

Model Brain

When it comes to science, one of the first things that children learn about is the human body. In delivering these lessons, you can purchase a model brain that labels all the different elements of the brain, as well as their functions. A visual aid such as this will make the entire process much more appealing so that they’re able to retain the information more effectively. This is particularly true if it’s filled with color and different shapes to look more engaging.

What learning techniques will you adopt for home-schooling your child?